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Trilobite Facts!

No description

Bethany Greenaway

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Trilobite Facts!

Trilobite Facts!
What did the Trilobite eat?
The Trilobite ate very wired food, like plankton, worms and other Trilobites.
Do they give live birth or lay eggs?
What did Trilobites look like?
How Big Is The Trilobite?
The average Trilobite is about 15 inches (witch is about 38.10000cm) but, the biggest trilobite is about
720 mm long.
How many are their?
There were about 20,000 trilobites that scurry along the sea bed where they live.
Did Trilobites live in groups?
Yes! Trilobites did live in groups and they stuck their heads in the sand!
When did they go extinct?
Trilobites became extinct about 250 million years ago, in the Mesozoic Era. Scientists are not sure of the answer. However, some scientists are considering the fact that when the first sharks came along, the trilobite numbers dropped or dinosaurs at them

Questions that you would ask a Trilobite Fossil!
This is a Trilobite
And how big is the biggest trilobite?
Hint: Trilobites live in the sea and they scurry not walk!
What color are they?
Trilobite are a gold/brown color?
Trilobites have live young just like any other fish.
What sort of eyes do they have?

They have crystal eyes!
The trilobite live in cold climates!
Is this a part or a whole?
If it is a part what part?
(This will be on the quiz)
Weapons of a trilobite?
They spin on its legs
Their name means three part.
Trilobites have 2-44 segments.

The oldest trilobite fossil is 2.74 billion years old.
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