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Opinion Writing

How to write an opinion article

Brittany Patrick

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Opinion Writing

Hi, I'm Brittany :) Opinion Writing Expresses a strong belief, why the reader should agree with your opinion and hopes to invoke thought What would make a good opinion topic? The Basics When you are writing... When it's all said and done Your article should answer "So what?" "Why should I (the reader) care?" There shouldn't be an, "and....." How should I approach it? Brainstorming Ideas Put your opinion in the middle of the paper and write all the reasons why you feel the way you do about it. Choose Two: one you feel the most passionate about and one that you feel you can back up with a lot of facts and opinion. Thank you for listening :)

Any questions? 400-600 words: You can’t solve the world’s problems in 600 words, focus on one or two ideas/issues and have one clear objective. Keep it tight, concise, relevant and strong. Use facts, REASEARCH your topic. Educated opinions are better than angry interpretations, plus you really don't want to sound stupid. Something that is happening that you feel is really right or really wrong A topic you have a strong/vocal opinion on and are knowledgeable on the subject(or interested in enough to become knowledgeable) Be Passionate, make others passionate about it (that's what makes it fun!) Don't ramble. Recap key facts and summarize your case. Get to the point. Stay relevant. Stay on topic. TAKE A STAND strong thesis that urges action/reaction. Attack the issues, not the people Sway and persuade, don't beat people into your opinion, make them feel like "it just makes sense" Start Strong, Finish Strong briefly acknowledge the other side, don't spend your entire piece criticizing it. Offer a solution. Don't complain and criticize something and peeter out like, well yeah someone should do something about that.. What do YOU want to seen done about it? Give realistic examples, perhaps something that is already working elsewhere. Your facts should support your opinion, not be your opinion. Cut straight to the point and go until your heart feels purged. Do not use "I" statements, in general they weaken your arguments. Forget the passive voice. Don't say "I believe that abortion is wrong" say "Abortion is wrong" it is stronger and gives you opinion an authority. Using a personal narrative/experience can add a first-hand look to the reader and help them see why your reasoning works. It gives an even deeper element to your piece, and helps people understand WHY you feel that way. O.R.E.O - Opinion, Reasoning, Explanation, Opinion - is a good starter to help express yourself. State your opinion on paper and argue against yourself to help find holes in your argument. RESEARCH A current issue, anything that can have two sides (pro/con) or a personal opinion are all things that can become opinion pieces (however this is not a place for personal rants)
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