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Lab Saftey 2012

For: Mr Fulton Date:September 7 By:Elisa Warren

Elisa Warren

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Lab Saftey 2012

Lab Safety Things you should know... Paying attention to these symbols may save your life! WHMIS symbols Before the Lab Listen closely to the instructions from the teacher ALWAYS check and double check safety icons: safety symbols and WHMIS symbols Make sure long hair is tied back. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Know the location of all safety equipment in case of emergency. Have a clear work space. No clutter! During the Lab ALWAYS wear safety glasses! When testing the odour of a substance, fan your hand over the test tube towards your nose. Do NOT place your face over an experiment. When holding or transporting hot lab equipment, always use beaker tongs and test tube holders. When performing an experiment, always stand. Never sit. Report all accidents to the teacher right away! After the Lab If your hands or any other part of your body comes in contact with a chemical, wash it off immediately. Dispose all chemicals and remains of dissections according to the instructions of your teacher. Put away all equipment Wash and
dry all
glassware. Make sure
your lab
bench is
wiped clean and dry. Dangers of the Lab Cuts and Burns
Electric Shock
Eye Damage
Chemical Reactions Lab Safety is important! Do not take any of these rules lightly.
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