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Feeling Good - ICC Martigny 2012 Presentation

Presentation given by Ben Levy, partner at BootstrapAdvisor, speaking to an audience of early stage startups and researchers from Idiap and IMI about the latest trend in technology, startup creation, management and financing

Ben Levy

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Feeling Good - ICC Martigny 2012 Presentation

It's a new dawn...it's a new day
Feeling Good!
International Create Challenge - #ICC12
Martigny, September 3 2012
CDG --> SFO 14yrs ago; yes, pre-Q2 Y2K
5 Investment banking jobs later
$300M raised, $3Bn+ M&A completed
2 major financial crisis
3 tech startups (2 acquired, 1 failed)
Benjamin Levy
Micro VC with Accelerator Arm
Post team formation and MVP execution
Import Global Innovation to Silicon Valley
for Execution...
...Export Success
Largest pool of capital "risk" globally
Amazing multicultural talent pool
Pioneer spirit & pay-it-fwd mentality
Failures happen, learn and keep going
Large, scalable domestic market -> $$$
Trial & error, iterate and fail fast
So why should (tech) startups feel SO GOOD these days...
And this is just the beginning
Fasten your seat belts...
Plummeting Data Storage Costs
And boys are we addicted already...
We use them for everything
Mobile and Tablets will DWARF PCs
We consume life through them...
and they consume ours!? :)
A (tech) startup best friends:
Rent vs. Own (SaaS, PaaS, XaaS)
Analyze, measure, track everything (free or cheap)
Instant, near infinite scalability is real and affordable
On-demand processing power & big data analytics
Global, low friction digital distribution platform
Biz models: freemium, subscription, purchase, ads
2 people (Biz + Tech)
Exciting Business Plan
Experienced Team
= Funding
3 people (Biz + Tech + Desgr)
Exciting Business Plan
Vision + Lean Startup DNA
User traction
Social proof
= Funding
Startup does not mean kaos...
Lean startup mgt + Startup Genome
"Validated Learning"
rather than "Just do It"
Some facts to know about...
Free Information Flow => Transparency
For good times...and bad times
Why it's an exciting time for startups
Do more with less, faster
Less capital requirement
Less dilution
High(er) returns / smaller loss for Founders & Investors
Everyone wants to help
SV Gospel is spreading Worldwide
Incubators & Accelerators are mushrooming
Gov't, Universities, Regions, Corporations
Grass root mov't w/ local entrepreneurs, angels & advisors
Let's talk about Funding
Actually Exits First
IPOs: Highly unlikely outcome...for the (un?)lucky few
M&A (aka Cash) is King
Friends, Family & Fools
Angels, Micro VCs
VCs, Venture Debt
Traditional Sources
New & (some) Exciting
Kickstarter & Clones
P2P lending
PE Firms
It's all relative anyway
But if you want 1% to be worth $1Bn
better be in the backyard of $100Bn cos
Who you know matters
Who your advisors and Investors know matters
Who you know matters
Who your advisors & Investors know matters
Who you know matters
Who your advisors and Investors know matters
Interesting Technology
Valuation Theory
So as you make your first steps
and go through the ICC program
over the next 3 weeks...
Here are a few things startups
and babies have in common
Life is all about fun
Why can't people understand me?
I will fall countless times
even get hurt..
but I will never stop trying...
until I succeed!
I am a lean, mean
learning machine
Teach me and I will listen (sometimes)
Watch over me, guide me...
so that I can go on & change the world...
..for others too :)
Roger McNamee & Mike Maples
Main Credits & Sources
Benjamin Joffe, Author of Ecosystem 101: The Six Necessary Categories To Build The Next Silicon Valley
Business Insider: chart of the day and other articles
Techcrunch: various charts and articles
Osawa and Miyazaki, The Valley of Death (2006)
David Weild & Ed Kim, Why IPOs are in the ICU? (2009)
Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup
Roger McNamee & Mike Maples, authors of the hypernet blog
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