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Hunter Hayes

No description

GV Computer

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes
By: Cora Mansfield

fact 2
grew up in a small town in Louisiana
fact 4
plays the guitar,bass guitar and more he thought himself everything
fact 5
when he was younger in played a small roll in My Dog Skip
fact 1
a country singer

fact 6
he was born on 9/9/1991 (now age 22)
fact 7
he was the only child
fact 8
his birth sign is a virgo
fact 9
is the youngest member ever into Louisiana music hall of fame
fact 10
favorite color is red
appeared on the show America's most talented kid at the age of 13
fact 11
fact 12
he's really short only 5'5
fact 13
he was home schooled most he's life
fact 14
received New Artist of the year
fact 15
won choice male country artist at 2012 teen choice awards
fact 16
opened for Carrie Underwood's blown away tour
fact 17
he was invited to perform for President Bill Clinton for a white house lawn party
fact 18
first name Hunter
fact 19
middle name is Easton
fact 20
last name Hayes
fact 3
at the age of 4 he took the stage with Hank Williams JR.
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