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The Geography of the British Isles

No description

Elena Olivera

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of The Geography of the British Isles

Scottish, Gaelic and Irish
The countries of counties
In the UK, nine out of ten people live in town and cities
Few extremes
United, but divided
Hello or dia diut?
Counties or Shires.

• areas used for the purposes of administrative, geographical and political demarcation.
• 83 counties.
• may consist of a single district or be divided into several districts.

Ceremonial Counties
• 48 ceremonial counties.
• also known as geographic counties.
• areas for the purposes of the lieutenancies.

• British monarch's personal representatives in the United Kingdom
English. Spoken across the British Isles
Scots. Spoken in Lowlands, Borders, eastern Scotland and Caithness
Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge). Spoken across the Republic of Ireland, mainly in the Gaeltachtaí regions.
Welsh (Cymraeg). Spoken across Wales, mainly in western and northern counties.

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Great kingdom, great confusion
The geography of the British Isles
Monarchy hand in hand with democracy
The Unique balance
The geographical entities
What is the British Isles?
Is it a political or a geographical term?
Do we call all their population British?
And what is Great Britain?
Who and how is it governed?
All these questions and more will be answered next.
But first...
What do YOU know?
Geographical term
Group of islands
North-western coast of continenal Europe
What is the UK?
What is Great Britain?
What are the British Isles?
Geographical term
Three nations
Is Great Britain the same as the UK?
Is Great Britain the same as Britain?
Great Britain: England, Scotland and Wales.
Britain: England and Wales
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
is a sovereign state formed by:
Northern Ireland
When was it formed?
Which is it's capital?
Why is the whole of Ireland not included?
1922, Irish Free State ceased to be part of the Union.
What are people in the UK called?
The nations
UK system of government
Head of the Church
Head of State
Prime Minister
Head of government
Executive power: Monarchy´s government
Legislative power: Two chambers: House of Lords (English nobility), House of Commons (Elected by the people)
Scottish parliament
Welsh assemblies
Northern Ireland assemblies
Judiciary: Supreme Court of the UK
Republic of Ireland
Parliamentry democracy
President head of State
Varies greatly according to the season.
Mild, with few extremes.
Weather Forecast
Punting in Cambridge
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