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UCLan Sport 4 U: Active Universities

The journey of the Active Universities Project Sport 4 U at UCLan

Elaine Nash

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of UCLan Sport 4 U: Active Universities

The Sport 4 U Team
Additional 13 11-a-side football teams
Achievements of Year 1
Event Days
18, 216 Visits
Lack of Awareness & Starting from Scratch
Availability of Facilities
Autonomy Over Social Media
Student Timetabling
Access to Student Halls
Fluctuations in Attendance
Setting Our Own Targets
Sport 4 U Team Structure - Year 2
Year 2 Achievements
What Works at UCLan & Why?
Bottom Up,
Creating a Progression Pathway
Low Cost
Commitment Free
Games Based
Student Demand Based Sessions
- Central Online Timetable

- Prioritisation of Studies

- High Number of Commuters

- Lack of Consistency in Allocated 'Free' Sporting Time
Evening Sessions
BUCS Competitors
Sport 4 U/ SUL Leagues
Sport 4 U Turn Up & Play Sessions
*3v3 Basketball
*Beginners Jogging
*Indoor Cricket
*3v3 Basketball
*5-a-side Football
*11-a-side Football
*Table Tennis
SU Affiliated Clubs
*Table Tennis
*Ultimate Frisbee
*Table Tennis
*Ultimate Frisbee
*Rock Climbing
*Table Tennis
*Ultimate Frisbee
*Women Only Beginners Gym
*Women Only Circuits
*Women Only Cycling
-High International Student Population

-Increase Demand for Minority Sports
-Increased Tuition = Call for Greater Value for Money

-Need to Bridge Gap Between Advantage & Non Advantage Students
Central Campus Activities
-Compact & Easily Accessible City Campus

-Lack of Transport to Facilities off Campus

-Close Proximity to Student Accommodation
-Demand for Play Over Training

-Less Intimidating

-More Fun/ Sociable
UCLan Sports Arena
Park Run
Preston City Council
Students Union
Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre
Sustaining a Future
What Happens After Active Universities?
Student Input
-Student Volunteers

-Student Feedback
Proposed Structure
Continued Professional Development
Coaches & Volunteers
Aims & Objectives
Coca Cola Games
Bottom Up,
Creating a Progression Pathway
Bottom Up,
Creating a Player Pathway
Student Demand not Materialising
Mixed Reception
600 New Participants & 30, 000 Visits
25% Female Participation
300% Increase in Disabled Participants
Bottom Up,
Creating a Progression Pathway
The staple for people with commitment issues
"Add rubber to the cricket bats."
"It was so much fun and any ability is welcome so I took part in all the sports to see which I enjoy the most. I make a weekly appearance at handball and netball as these are my favourite sports and I get to play without being too competitive."
What Happened Before Active Universities
Before Sport 4 U...
Awarded £101, 000
£79, 000 Partnership Funding
Key Objectives
Identified Gaps in Provision
Met with Students to
Uncover What They Want
The Journey of Sport 4 U
Active Universities at UCLan
Recruitment of 15 Student Volunteers
Actual Structure
Building a Portfolio of Evidence
Supporting Academic Courses
*Providing Student Work Experience
*Providing Assignment Topics & Consultancy report Topics
Future Plans...?
Would like to thank you for listening, any questions...?
You Tube
3 New Official Clubs

- 350% Increase in Participants with Registered Disability
- 31% Female Participants
27, 500 Visits
25 Volunteers
1133 New Participants
*Log Feedback
*Student Testimonies
*Case Studies
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