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Ringtones Marc B.

No description

The Evel

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Ringtones Marc B.

The Second Tone The second tone will be made for alarms and so will include a fast and strong beat. So I chose to take dubstep as theme because it makes you stand up, which supports the energetic theme. As the tone will be shorter I will only put the main part into the alarm, the drop, and a bit around it to make it sound nice. The First Tone This tone will be a ring tone with a length of about 30s. Ringtones 5 Ring tones are created only for your wants and needs!
All of them are unique and made from copyright free music from the internet and edited by me.
They are designed to work on any portable devises, which support MP3 (no apple products).
These tones are created for ring tones, alarms and signal messages. The Third Tone This tone will as well be a alarm, however, last for 30s and so be a full song. The Forth Tone This tone will be 10s long because it will be used as SMS signal tone, which shouldn't be too long. The Last Tone The fifth tone will also be a SMS signal tone and last about 10s. For Free The theme for all tones is 'energetic'! The theme of this tone will be Rap because it fits well to a longer song and is energetic as it expresses feelings very well and is also fast. The idea of this song is that it is good music, which you want to hear (not like other ring tones) and help you be energetic and survive the day. Some artists from where I can get ideas from are Tyga, 2Pac, Eminem, Dr.Dre, snoop dog... This tone will be a alarm with a length of about 10-15s before it loops. For dubstep i will get ideas from copyright artists like Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Datsik and other. As this will also be a alarm I'm planning to use again music with a strong, fast and energetic beat. This time, however, I will make an electro/house song as it is very fast/energetic as well. Or i will take Hardstyle even my client didn't wish it, but if that doesn't wake him, nothing will. For ideas I will take music from my IPod (by DJ Krati) or from my playlist on YouTube. Pictures:









www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDjQWseiQn0 For this I will take a electro beat, in which the loop isn't noticeable so it sounds as if it was one long song. Again I will take a fast beat to fit it to my energetic theme. For this i will not take any vocals as 10s aren't long enough for good vocals and only have a nice beat. Again I will get ideas from my own music and my YouTube playlist. For my last tone I will make a SMS signal tone again. For this tone I will take dubstep again because my client loves dubstep and for this one I will take deep dubstep, which sounds quite differently to normal dubstep. This type is slower however the strong bass is still supporting the energetic theme. To find ideas I will search YouTube and listen to some mixes to get an better idea how it needs to sound. http://freemusicarchive.org
http://www.jamendo.com/en/ For the copyright free music I will use for all of my tones I will use these websites: Sources:
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