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My Antarctica prezi

I love Antarctica!!

Natalie Allen

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of My Antarctica prezi

Antarctica vs Australia
Flora And Fauna
In Antarctica not many plants can grow and not many animals can survive because it is so cold although many animals come to Antarctica for a holiday and a few plant species manage the cold.It may not be a perfect home or holiday destination for us but it is for them.
Exploring Antarctica
Ernest Shacklten was one of many explorers who traveled to Antarctica to discover new species of plants , animals and to study the many different climate changes that happened to accure in Antarctica . On one of Shacklten's trips to Antarctica he performed great courage and bravery he was planing to cross Antarctica from coast to coast. He traveled on his ship the Endurance to Antarctica and unfortunately got stuck in pack ice.
He and 5 members of his crew rowed 800 miles to save the crew fortunately everyone survived.
The Antarctic Treaty
The Antarctic Treaty is an international agreement between countries to protect Antarctica from war, international disagreement , physical harm and weapon testing. It is an agreement that allows scientists to do reserch , cooperate with other scientists and to discover new species of animals and plants that live in Antarctica.
Did you know that 98% of Antarctica is covered in ice that is approximately 1.06 kilo metres deep.
Flora And Fauna
Here are some examples fauna and flora
The Emperor Penguin
Flora And Fauna
The emperor penguin is the only penguin that stays in Antarctica all year round and only lays one single egg each year.
It takes nine months for the emperor penguin to complete breeding, this starts around March.
Around mid December after the chick is born it can weigh approximately 60% of their adult body weight!
Interesting Fact
The Weddell Seal
Interesting Fact
The Weddell seal can hold it's breath for over an hour underwater!
Part of the weddell seal's diet includes : fish, squid and crustaceans.
Weddell seals are usely found in large groups on pack ice near the coast.
A fully grown adult can weigh up to 400 kg and can be up to 3m in length.
The Future Of Antarctica
Antarctica has a very cold , icy , windy and dry landscape , believe it or not Antarctica is so cold and dry that it is considered a desert! Unlike Australia, Antarctica temperatures can get up to minus 80 degrees celsius !
In Antarctica no human populations stay all year round due to weather condishons.

Unlike Antarctica , Australia is hot with temperatures of up to 40 degrees celsius , where as Antarctica 's temperatures are 120 degrees colder! Australia is also a desert but it is dry and hot and Antarctica's is cold , dry and windy. Australia's population is huge compared to Antarctica's and it's only part of the year that people stay in Antarctica.
Amazingly lichen is not homogenous it is half alga and half fungus, the fungus part of lichen provides water and natural salt for the plant to be able to survive where as the alga part of lichen provides carbohydrate produce!
Lichen is the best adapted of all plants to the cold.

Interesting fact
[In case you didn't know , homogenous means all the same kind.]
Krill is a type of crustacean, which are sea creatures with large , hard shells that protect them.
They are really important in the antarctic food web as most animals feed on them. They are usely found in huge swarms that can cover 100's of kilometers of the ocean. Their diet can contain algae and marine.
Interesting Fact
Amazingly krill have a fluid in their body called antifreeze it bacickly stops their blood cells and body fluids from freezing this helps them to survive the cold temperatures of th antarctic waters. Amazing!!
Ernest Shacklten's ship the endurance got stuck in pack ice along the coast of Antarctica.
What Do You Believe The Future Holds For Antarctica?
The future of Antarctica depends on wheather we decrease global warming. Now for those of you who don't know what global warming is, it's when different chemicles like petral gases get into the atmostephere and because theirs so much it creates holes in the shield that protects us from to much sun light therefore the temperatures rise and that creates global warming. So if global warming increases all the ice on Antarctica could melt and make water levels rise which could flood the world and no Antarctic animals or plants could survive.
A big example of this is B15 because of global warming B15 was created and killed alot of animals that inhabited Antarctica.
Fungi is a type of mushroom that is rarely seen alot but is mainly found along the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.
They mostly grow in temperate areas.
The Antarctic Peninsula
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