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GH4 Checklist

No description

Nik Nak

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of GH4 Checklist

GH4 Checklist
Setting up the GH4 to Shoot Video
1. Set Creative Video Mode
2. Enable Manual Focus
3. Activate Single Shot
Avoid unexpected behavior due to improper settings by resetting the GH4’s settings to the factory defaults.
Menu>Setup>Page 5>Reset — Reset both recording and custom settings
To record high quality video
Menu>Motion Picture>Page1
Rec Format
= Mov
Rec Quality
= 4k 100M 25p
Set Exposure
Mode to M
Next Set
Menu>Setup>Page 5>System Frequency to 50.00Hz (PAL)

To record Variable Frame Rate
Menu>Motion Picture>Page1
Rec Format to AVCHD
Rec Quality to
FHD 24M/25P
We can now set Variable Frame Rate (Page 2) ON > SET from 2-50fps. Fast and Slow Motion.
Going Further with the GH4
GH4 Manual
Use the arrow keys to navigate.
Menu>Setup>Page 6>Format
to clear the card.
Quick Menu
Touch Screen Can be used to Adjust
White Balancing
1. Press
2. Press
3. Fill on White
4. Press
Once you have the GH4 set up for a particular type of shot, creating a custom profile is easy:

Switch to Manual Video Mode on the camera’s mode dial
Go to Menu/Custom (1)/Cust. Set Mem.
Save the camera’s current settings to the desired profile
Profiles are stored
Set the camera to the following
Shutter speed 50 for 25 frames per sec
ISO 200 for Exteriors up to 800 for interiors
Shutter speed 50 for 25 frames per sec
ISO 200 for Exteriors up to 800 for interiors
Adjust IRIS/Apeture
Focus Assist
Zebra Stripes
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