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Jason Scott

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Cinderella

1) The father of three daughters was ordered away for work. He asked each daughter what they would want when he came back.
3) The father gave them each what they asked for when he returns.
4) The father, who works in the kings court, received news from the king that him and his daughters were invited to three balls.
5) The sisters tease Cinderella for not getting a dress or beautiful shawl to wear to the balls.
2) The first sister asks for a dress. The second, a beautiful hat and a fine shawl. Cinderella, which named for sitting in a chimney corner all the time, asks for a bird named Verdelio.
Opening Scene Part 2
1) The sisters ask Cinderella to go to the ball with them. Cinderella says,"No".
2) After the father and sisters leave, Cinderella goes to the bird Verdelio and says, "Make me more beautiful than I am." And he did, he had placed her in a dress so beautiful nothing could compare to this masterpiece.

3) After she had become beautiful, she went to the ball and danced with the king the whole night.

4) After dancing with the King, they took a break. While Cinderella takes out her handkerchief, a bracelet falls out. The older sister points this out and Cinderella does not care and tells her sister to keep it.

5) When going back home, she notices the Kings servants following her. In desperation to not be found out, she throws money out to the greedy servants.
The last scene
The servants had found Cinderella's slipper. So the king went to Cinderella's house.
The servants asked Cinderella's father,"How many daughters do you have?" He said,"Two" The servants asked him to bring out his two daughters. So he did. The servants had the two daughters try on the shoe. It fit neither sister. The servants asked if he had another daughter. He replied yes shamefully.
The servants tried to put the shoe on the two daughters but on one it was too big and on the other too small. The servants asked have you not anymore daughters and he said one.
So the sisters called for Cinderella to come down but she said," NO!" Again they called and she came but before she went down she told Verdelio make me more beautiful than I am so Verdelio did but this time Verdelio said,"Take me with you."
So she went down, put on the slipper and it fit! The servants took her straight to the king, they got married and they lived...
Opening scene 3
Before the second ball the sisters tell Cinderella," Come with us." She replies,"NO."
After the sisters had left for the ball Cinderella told Verdelio," Make me more beautiful than I am." and so he did.
Again the king and Cinderella danced the whole night.When Cinderella went to leave, she walked by her sisters and pulled out her handkerchief and dropped her snuff box. She told her sister keep it.

After she had left, the king ordered the servants to follow her on horse back, and as Cinderella was fleeing her slipper fell off so the servants got the slipper and followed her to her house.
Literary Devices
1) Personification- An example
is Verdelio(the bird). Like the fairy godmother, he grants wishes.
3) Symbolism- The glass slipper or shoe is a sign that Cinderella is free from a life of horror and mistreatment. Then with that
she can step into her new
2) Theme- The theme is if you aren't a person who expects or asks for extravagant gifts, you will get one when you least expect it.
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