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Grenouille: Precursor to Hitler

No description

Emily E

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Grenouille: Precursor to Hitler

Grenouille/John the Baptist
Coming of the anti-Christ
“Grenouille the Great” (Page 126)
Suskind essentially portrays Hitler as the anti-Christ
The Cave and Rebirth
Hitler in Landsberg prison
Mein Kampf
"He turned full circle and let his nose move across the vast panorama of the volcanic wilderness." "Grenoulle was at his goal. And at the same time he was taken captive." Page 120
Physical Similarities
Walk with a limp
Disliked for their actions
Atypical childhood (Abuse, attempt to kill)
Vast amounts of knowledge that allow them to control
Desire to be worshiped

Arrogance Following Initial Succs
Plumb girl killed-->Grenouille's arrogance
Appointed chancellor and took Poland-->Hitler's arrogance
Both want more...and more...and more...and more.........
Quest for Purity
Hitler- Race
Grenouille- Scent
Irony: they do very impure things to achieve prity
Grenouille: Precursor to Hitler
After achieving (or achieving then losing) their only goal, they are lost. Their lives are now meaningless.
They see nothing else in life, so they hasten their own deaths.
Power to Attract
Hitler uses words; Grenouille uses scent
God-like: unexplainable yet powerful
People innocently obey without questioning
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