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No description

gur ra

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Animal cLASSIFICATION

Class: mammal
Order: simiformes
Family: ape
species: g beringei
Physical Characteristic
- Gorillas weigh up to 300 pounds.
- They are about 5 to 8 ft long.
- Gorillas can eat up to 40 pounds of food every day.
- Gorillas can live up to 45 or 50 years
- Male gorillas will chest beat when they are scared or happy.
- They have hard chests so they can get hurt less.
- Gorillas live in Western Africa so they live in different country's.
- The place they live in is at Western Africa in the rain forest.
- They like living by trees because that's were they lived for a long time.
- Gorillas eat a lot of different kinds of fruits and vegetables.
- The most food gorillas eat is leaves.
- Some people thought that they were meat eating animals but they are actually they only eat fruit and vegetable.
- Gorillas are herbivores.
- gorillas do not have any kind of special breeding season.
- males get happy when the offspring starts.
- All gorillas will chest beat when the female is having a baby.
- Gorillas will do anything to protect the female in the offspring season.
- Only the male lets the babies play.
- The female do not get more then 2 babies at a time.
The babies hang ont the moms bellies.
Gorilla Western Africa
- The silver back male leads the whole pack of gorillas.
- Leopards are known to attack gorillas.
- There only 3 types of gorillas in the world.
- Gorillas are the biggest primates.
- Gorillas are as strong as 4 to 8 very strong men.
-Females are half the size of the male gorilla.
- Babies weigh up to 4 1/2 pounds.
- the silver back male is the strongest gorilla in the pack.
- Their is about 400 to 600 gorillas living right know.

- Gorilla National Geographic.
- 10 good facts about gorillas.
- Gorilla homepage.
- www.gorillaoragniztion.ca
- www.gorillafacts.ca
- Animal Classification
- Gorilla animal facts
By: Gurveer
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