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Globalization Scrapbook

By: Annie and Agnes

Annie Wu

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Globalization Scrapbook

Globalization By: Agnes and Annie Scrapbook Table of Contents: Slide # 1: A. An individual or group trying to protect their language. Slide # 2: B. An individual or group trying to protect their culture. Slide # 3: C. Images that show alternative viewpoints on the same thing. Slide # 4: D. How one culture is being shaped by another. Slide # 5: E. How European settlement
affected aboriginal culture in Canada Slide # 6: F. How European settlement affected aboriginal culture in Australia. Slide # 7: G. A benefit of European settlement in another culture. Slide # 8: H. A disadvantage of European settlement in another culture. Slide # 9: I. A harmful effect of modern globalization. Slide # 10: J. A beneficial effect of modern globalization. Slide # 11: K. The dominance of American culture around the world. Slide # 12: L. How modern communication technology can affect other cultures. Slide # 13: M. How western music can affect other cultures. Slide # 14: N. An effect of the Indian Act. Slide # 15: O. A product that is made in
another country but sold in Canada. Slide # 16: P. A product made in Canada but sold
in another country. Slide # 17: Q. A product that is transported across the world to be sold. Slide # 18: R. A product that meets a want rather than a need. Slide # 19: S. A product that harms the
environment. Slide # 20: T. A product made by a multinational corporation. Slide # 21: U. The influence of a multinational corporation. Slide # 22: V. How globalization affects your
life in a negative way Slide # 23: W. How globalization affects your life in a positive way. Slide # 24: X. Original link to globalization. Slide # 25: Y. Original link to globalization. Slide # 26 Z. Original link to Globalization Slides 1-26
-Photos (A-Z)
Slide 27
-About the Author
Slide 28
Dedication to
Multinational Corporation This is a picture of the Hijab protest that happened last year in France. The people were protesting against the decision made by the government of France banning Muslim women from wearing Hijabs. Wearing Hijabs is part of the Muslim culture and in their culture, the Hijab symbolizes privacy and modesty. This shows Ukrainians protesting against the approval of the Ukrainian language bill that enhances the status of Russians in their country by making Russian a second language. The protesters were trying to protect their current language from becoming less important than Russian and eventually spoken less. This protest was on July 12th, 2012. In this cartoon, it shows that although people know that they are wrong, they will keep fighting against others to think that they are right. The bunny is arguing that people do admit they're wrong on the internet by ignoring and not responding. On the other hand, the dog is arguing that nobody ever admits they are wrong. This is an image of multiple ethnic groups. The more different ethnic groups interact with each other, their cultures will slowly become more and more alike. This is a before and after shot of Thomas Moore, a young Cree boy that was forced to attend a residential school. Europeans settled in Canada and basically took over all the land and forced Aboriginals to assimilate to their culture. One thing that the Europeans did was force children to attend residential schools, which caused them to forget about their Native culture. This is a picture of the current Canadian flag. Without Europeans settling in North America, there would be no Canada and we would not be living like we are today. If Europeans did not settle here, North America would just be populated with Natives. This is a floor lamp that is currently sold in Ikea's all around the world, including the one in Calgary. The design was proposed in Sweden and the actual product is manufactured in China. The Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters brand manufactures their products in Canada. The Canada Goose coats they make (like in the picture above) are shipped from Canada to be sold all around the world including places such as Tokyo, Germany, and even Andorra. Justin Bieber's latest album, Believe, is transported across the globe to be sold. It is sold in stores in most countries and online everywhere. The first European settlers came around 1788. The Europeans chained together Aboriginals, including prisoners, by the neck. They also forced labor for Aboriginal children and gave heavy sentences for people declared of killing cattle. When they came, they brought diseases to which the Aboriginals had no immune system to fight against. They also brought animals from Europe. This is a picture of basketball jerseys from different teams. All jerseys serve as a want rather than a need because you don't have to own one to survive. This is just a way of supporting a certain team. Canon is a multinational corporation that was created by Japanese people. Canon specializes in producing cameras, camcorders, webcams, printers, scanners, etc. The product in the picture is a Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera. The disadvantages of European settlement were masked by the benefits of the fur trade. During the fur trade, Europeans pulled tricks such as giving them tobacco to make them addicted and also by giving alcohol to make them drunk. Every day more Chinese workers are getting employed as more companies bring their products to get manufactured in China. Electronics are a beneficial effect of modern globalization because of the development of the world we continue to improve our technology for useful things in life Globalization affects you positively because you can get items for a much cheaper price. If all the products we use are made in Canada or the United States, everything would be much more expensive. We can get products at a cheaper price because they are made in places with low wages and then shipped over to other countries. Plastic bottles are useful but are very damaging to the environment. First of all, they are produced in factories which causes pollution. These bottles harm the environment because the lid itself takes 75 years to decompose and the rest of the bottle takes over a thousand years to biodegrade. Nowadays phones are getting thinner and more technologically advanced. Also communication between people in different countries are easier now with better programs such as Skype and faceTime. Multinational corporations are so effective and well known that possibly one day their influence could be so large that they will control the world. Because of globalization, more products are manufactured which means the more garbage there is in the world. This is a picture of a girl standing in a large pile of garbage with cars driving along a road. If this keeps up, the whole world will slowly become filled with garbage. About the Author: With different cultures, comes different opinions. This cartoon shows how different people of the species are not the same in general. Globalization affects other species in a negative way. The first two frames show that humans have been intruding on other animals' habitats. The more we develop, the more space we take up, and the more we affect other life negatively. Due to globalization our world has become less eco friendly. Many places in Europe, Canada and the United States are trying to make their places greener, by having less cars and walking or cycling to work. Nokia The Indian Act gave status Indians more rights but they were very limited. Because they get limited rights just for being native, this cartoon shows a native woman "cleaning" the children's faces to essentially make them not native any more in which they will have more rights. Nokia has begun making eco friendly phones such as the Nokia 700 and 701. Out of the top 30 green phones, 26 of the phones are Nokia's. Nokia is becoming more and more eco friendly as they continue to create phones that can be entirely decomposed. If companies of all products could follow Nokia's footsteps and become more eco friendly, the world would become a better place. viii. a page in which you appear. ix. a page in which a sports franchise appears. x. a page linked to "The Arts" iii. a sketch v. a strip cartoon vi. a chart i. a coloured photograph ii. a black and white photograph iv. a one frame cartoon All these brands on the flag are American companies. This represents America's popular culture and the dominance of it because these brands are recognized and their products are used all over the world. Annie Wu was born in Sarnia, Ontario on November 26, 1997. She came to Westmount in grade 7. Annie has one sibling, a 22 year old sister. She enjoys watching tv and going on the computer. Annie thinks globalization is good because we can get stuff for a cheaper price and it is important for everyone in the world to come together.

Agnes Fung was born in Calgary on March 19, 1997. She has one sibling in grade 8, and Agnes came to westmount in grade 5. Agnes thinks that globalization is good and bad because global warming is a big cause of modern globalization, but it is also good as technology continues to get better to help improve our lives. Western music makes you more aware about other people's cultures and helps you learn to respect other people's cultures. vii. a video clip The end! Disclaimer: These photos are only used for educational purposes.
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