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Life as an Industrial Trainee at IBM

A short insight into what life is like as a placement student at IBM.

daniel baskott

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of Life as an Industrial Trainee at IBM

Life as an Industrial Trainee at IBM! Why IBM? Areas of interest Why IBM? Roles and responsibilities Recruitment process Preconceptions Expectations About me Giveback Opportunity in IBM Reputation: 2nd Most valuable brand on the Planet behind only coca cola The Times IT Graduate employer of the year for the past 11 years in a row! Target Graduate employer of the year for the past 3 years! 5 Nobel prizes $100+ billion profit in 2010 Social- over 500 students and Graduates join IBM every year About me Random facts: 22 years old Love Golf Passion for live music! Recruitment process Online application IPATO test Assessment centre Business matching interview IBM Placement scheme Preconceptions of IBM Expectations Bournemouth University- Accounting and Business What do I actually do? Reconcile 7 seperate accounts Varying complexity ICAs International network VPs Bill monthly assignment costs Work country cost bearers More than just a 9-5 Foundation Givebacks Mentoring Website challenge University Business Challenge What have I gained? An invaluable years experience in industry Confidence and a drive to succeed Presentation skills IT based skills How accounting works in a huge corporation A respect for procedures Motivation Focus Time management Forward thinking Analytical skills Networking skills The future.... so what next? Application already sent for IBM Graduate scheme Technology consultant/ Business Specialist Back to Bournemouth University for final year Accounting Tax Investment General Business Potential fast track? Travelling? Any questions? Thanks Information Pocessing and Aptitude Test Online PDM by Daniel Baskott
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