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` Maths Revision

No description

Katie Bayliss

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of ` Maths Revision

Maths Graphs Equations Tables Gradient Intercept Plot Points Xsquared Graphs The Gradient is ALWAYS the number
before the x in a equation. The intercept is the number
not before the x in an equation
Enlargements Rotation The centre on rotation is the red dot To find the centre of enlargement
you draw lines from all the corners
of the shape and they will all
come to the same point.
Transformations Reflection The Shape is reflected
across the line. Mean 6,11,7,4 To find the mean you add
all the numbers up and divid
by the amount of numbers there. 24÷3=8
So the mean is 8

Mode 3,7,8,6,7,2,1,7 To find the mode you
look for the number that
appears the most. Which is 7. Range To find the range you
minus the lowest number
from the highest number. 73,77,84,87,89,91,94 94-73=21 Median The Median is the Middle
Number. To find the median
you list the numbers from
smallest to largest and then
find the middle number. 3,13,7,5,21,23,40
3,5,7,13,21,23,40 The middle number is 13
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