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Spanish-Speaking Countries (created by Amy Westerman)

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Heidi Freeman

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Spanish-Speaking Countries (created by Amy Westerman)

Spanish-Speaking Countries- 21 total!
1. España (Located in Europe)
-Spain is the original Spanish-speaking country. Before the Americas were "discovered" by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Spain was the only country that spoke Spanish in the world!

-Spanish conquistadores (conquerors) that explored and conquered this "new world" are the reason that there are now 20 other Spanish-speaking countries world-wide!
Ex: While the "new world" was full of natives with their own language
(Ex: Mayan) Spanish conquistadores claimed countries such as "Perú" for Spain,
which is why Perú's official language is now Spanish.

2-10. Countries of South America
MOST countries (except for Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana) in South America speak Spanish. These include:
11-19. Countries of Central America and the Caribbean
-Central America Spanish-speaking countries:
-El Salvador
-Costa Rica

-3 countries in the Caribbean are Spanish-speaking countries:
-La República Dominicana
-Puerto Rico
20. México (located in North America)
The country we tend to think about when we think of the Spanish language.

21. Guinea Ecuatorial (Located in Africa)
Guinea Ecuatorial is the only Spanish-speaking African country. The reasoning for this is the same as it is for all other Spanish-speaking countries besides Spain: Spanish conquistadores!
1. España
2. Venezuela
3. Colombia
4. Ecuador
5. Perú
6. Bolivia
7. Paraguay
8. Chile
9. Uruguay
10. Argentina

El Caribe
11. Guatemala
12. Honduras
13. El Salvador
14. Nicaragua
15. Costa Rica
16. Panamá
17. Cuba
18. La República Dominicana
19. Puerto Rico
20. México
21. Guinea Ecuatorial
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