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Bullet-Proof Glass

By: Emiliano Lopez& Vanessa J.M. Caldwell

Vanessa Caldwell

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Bullet-Proof Glass

Bullet-Proof Glass
The bullet-proof glass was invented in 1903 by Edouard Benedictus.
When was the product invented
and who invented it?
Existing Patents:
Clear, regular, glass with polyester sheets of Lexon.
What materials were originally used to make Bullet-Proof Glass?
How was the product originally made?
2 sheets of plate glass with sheets of transparent resin in between molded together under heat & pressure.
The product has been improved by people having less burglaries and less killings. Also to protect expensive stores and buildings that need to be protected from bullets.
What Improvements have been made to the product?
The increase in technology and weaponry. Without the improvements the bullet proof glass would be useless, bullets in this age would just shatter the glass.
Why were the improvements made?
Bullet proof glass is used all over the world but in America the armed forces, such as the Army, Marines, Air force, and Navy use bullet proof glass. Also the secret services to protect the President to protect against assault on the President.
Who uses the product?
What is the global impact on society of the invention and subsequent innovations?
Bullet proof glass pane of automobiles
Patent number: 5496643

Protective Ballistic Panel Having An interior Hemetically Sealed Air space
Patent number: 5059476
If we had the ability to change bullet proof glass we would make so the glass could repair itself with some type of gell like subt
If we had the ability to change the product in any way?
People can now feel safer while they're away from the store they own in a bad city or neighborhood. People in office buildings like the white house have one less thing to worry about..( The president being shot and all).. So now the improvements have made a good global effect.
Thank You for trying to pay attention
All images from Google
Sources Cited
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