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Sobhan 65 RTMS RTMS

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Hurricanes

How Does it Affect Other Natural Disasters?
It can cause:
- Floods
- Tsunamis
- Tornadoes
And it also causes Storms.
Its really obvious that it causes storms because that's the main thing about Hurricanes!

How Are People Impacted?
People Get impacted by:
- Wipes Away Homes
- It Takes Lives
- Lack of Water
- Damage due to categories (1,2,3)
- Can Cost lots of Money
- Work of Rebuilding all buildings

What Towns Have Been Impacted?
- Lots of Towns Destroyed
- New York City (NYC)
- California
- Florida
- Lots of Cities
- Over thousands of cities impacted
- Taiwan
- Destroys towns all over us
How is Canada Involved?
- Sending Food
- Sending Clothes
- Sending Helpers
- Providing Shelter
- Sending Money
- Help rebuilding structures
- Saving people in need
How Can I Help?
- Sending Money
- Donating to the country
- Starting a school fundraiser
- Organizing a school assembly
- Helping the Hurricane Helpers Facility
- Sending money to hurricane companies
Our Canadian Red Cross
Here is a video about how to make a quick help kit to help you in times of need. It also might explain what the Red Cross does.
What Might Cause Hurricanes?
Some ways that hurricanes are caused
- A Pre - existing disturbed Weather System
- Cooling of water vapour height
- Must be in warm water
- A wind pattern must be near
- Must be in warm air

What Kinds of Damage Can Hurricanes Cause?
- Destroys Homes
- Near $70 Billion for rebuild
- Wipes out towns
- Impacts many structures (bridges, etc.)
- Destroys the environment
- Can cause/create/make tornadoes
- Can create riptides
- Can cause floods
What are the foundations involved?
- Sandy Relief (U.S.A)
- Red Cross (Canada)
- Red Cross (U.S.A)
- Ameri Cares (U.S.A)
There are lots of hurricanes that happen around the world, that's why we have such foundations to help out and help people who need help around when they need help, such as when they are injured and can't move.
What Time of the Year
Does it Happen?
- Around June 1st to Nov 30th
- Starting Months of The Season
- Don't usually happen in winter
- Three Hurricanes in December
- One Hurricane in January
Can Hurricanes Be Stopped & Can They Be Detected?
- Two Methods
- Indirect & Direct

Where do They Often Happen
- Ships
Sometimes they happen in the
Philippines, and also some has
occurred around Japan. Which therefore means most people will not end well...

Having Aircrafts fly by and collect how the hurricane is doing

Ships can
go near the hurricane and directly collect some information on how the hurricane is going to effect the certain country.

They can take pictures from space which can then be given to the scientist doing it. He can also use these to help his country develop
- Satellites
What do They Often Look Like?
Thank You for Listening/Watching.
Thanks for watching our presentation we both hope you have a great day. And up next we have. *DrumRoll* I don't know! But welcome the next presenter.
They usually look like a tornado occurring
in water, Swirling winds of water, and, they look like Typhoons. Hurricanes overall look nasty. They can kill you. Just like typhoons and such.
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