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Overview of CLTO-FM

No description

Ryan Carson

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Overview of CLTO-FM

Source: Broadcast Bureau of Measurement*


Where is the listener?
• The listener lives in the Beaches neighborhood

• He owns and operates an independent Café on the Danforth

• He is currently tuning into CBC Radio One for local issues

Source: City of Toronto*


Overview of CLTO-FM
99.5 FM Toronto Voices

• The radio station

• The listener

• The strategy

What is Toronto Voices?
• CLTO-FM Toronto Voices is a news and talk radio station to be found at 99.5 on the FM dial

• Focuses on news as well as social, political, and cultural issues surrounding Toronto

• Aligns itself with the center-left on the political spectrum

Why left-leaning Talk Radio?
• Competing talk stations cater to a right-wing demographic, leaving the left untapped

• CBC Radio One is not a serious threat as it must maintain neutrality

• Target listeners’ social status allows for many clients to make a talk station viable

Who will listen?
• Our target listener is an educated male in his 40s, earning about $100,000 yearly

• He is an aware and active citizen, with a left of center political alignment

• He is married with children, lives in a detached house

What will be on Toronto Voices?
• The backbone of our programming is made of talk segments including live callers

• Talk segments about local news, politics, urban (infrastructure) issues, social issues, arts, culture, the music scene and events

• Morning show “What’s Brewing” (9-12) will focus only on current, hot topics facing Toronto

How will we market Toronto Voices?
• TV ads on CP24, The Weather Network, and City TV (January – October 2014)

• Billboards along Gardiner Expressway, in the downtown core (January – October 2014)

• Ads across the TTC, with focus on major subway stations (Bloor-Yonge, St.George, Union)

• Full page colored ads in The Toronto Star

2011 Provincial Election result by riding
Source: BlogTO*


How will we launch?
• Hard launch at Nuit Blanche on October 4, 2014

• Live-to-air from Dundas Square for the duration of Nuit Blanche

• We will invite councilor Adam Vaughan, Jennifer Keesmat, and Steve Munro to be present

Who will advertise on Toronto Voices?
• Local clients, such as high end restaurants, rehab clinics, home repair and law firms

• National clients such as The Globe and Mail, Shoppers Drug Mart, Apple Store

• Both local and national clients will provide traffic tags and sponsor shows

How will we market
Toronto Voices?

• Active Facebook, Twitter and Youtube updates

• Station contests in partnership with sponsors

• Street team, giving out merchandise with station logo at Toronto events

Thank You!
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