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SAP CRM Account & Contact Management

No description

Levente Bartha

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of SAP CRM Account & Contact Management

Account &
Management Who can be a Business Partner? Employee Contact Supplier Organizational Unit Deptor Customer Tenant Borrower Patient Household Business Partner Categories Person Group Organization The Business Partner Category cannot be changed after it has been created! BP-Roles Sold-to party Payer Ship-to party Competitor Employee Relationships A business partner relationship forms
a business-relevant connection
between two business partners. Business Partner
(Coorporate Account)
No. 6000123 Business Partner
(Individual Account)
No. 4005235 Relationship
Employer of ... Relationship
Manager Director of ...
2nd May 2008 - 5th June 2010 You can use the Business Data Toolset (BDT)
to assign additional relationship categories.
Use the transaction BUMR in the SAP GUI. Business Address Services
(BAS) Any number of addresses
Address usage assigned to the relevant business processes
One address as default
Postal address and/or e-mail address
Address dependent and independent communucation data
Postal validation agains SAP regional structure
Standard interfaces (BADIs) for external tools Postal validation
Error-tolerant search
Check for duplicate entries
Data cleasing With release 4.6B, the Business Address Services provides open interfaces that can be used for third party products or customer enhancements.The interfaces were announced in the release information for version 4.6B "Interfaces for duplicate and postal checks". This note provides more detailed information on these interfaces. Note 176559 - Interfaces for
Business Address Services Account
Hierarhies BP 100 BP 200 BP 10 BP 20 BP 30 BP 40 Hierarchy node Assigned BP
to the node Account hierarhies are mapped with hierarhy trees in CRM
Accounts are also assigned hierarhy nodes Used: Pricing (conditions and price agreements are assigned to the nodes)

Repoting structures (statistical and analytical purposes) Account Life Cycle What is Life Cycle? A life cycle stage ebables you to record the different stages of a business partner.
Each stage is representing a different view at a particular point in time. Potential Prospect Customer Potential Qualified Contact Stage 1 Customer Stage 2 Customer You can define views for each life cycle stage.
This means that you can specify which fields are
displayed in the header of each phase and which
type of fields are involved (editable, read-only
or required entry fields). Account Classification Marketing Attributes Classification Structure You can use account classification to classify
your accounts according to any criteria.
This is particularly useful for large enterprises
who may want to classify different business
areas according to different criteria. Marketing Attributes are used as criteria for differentiating between business partners.
They can be used to perform individually tailored marketing activities.
The free defined marketing attributes are the base of the customer segmentation. 360° customer view Account Header For more information visit the Hungarian SAP User Group's site www.tudasmorzsak.hu Levente Bartha CRM consultant Created by
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