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Believing in God Revision


Hugh Birtchnell

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Believing in God Revision

Believing in God Why do some people believe in God & why do some people not believe in God? Some people believe in God because of a Religious Experience There are various sorts of religious experience you need to know about... 1. A CONVERSION experience 2. An answered prayer 3. Witnessing a miracle 4. A numinous experience. Other people might believe in God because they have heard a convincing ARGUMENT The two you need to know are... 1. The teleological (design) argument 2. The cosmological argument (about cause!) Why do some people not believe in God? 1. The problem of evil Why does a good all powerful God, who knows everything allow evil to happen? Since evil exists - there can be no God. Christian responses:
God has a plan!
Evil is a test.
Free will. 2. Science Science explains the world we are in not religion... Which is true? This is all about why people believe or do not believe in God What should you revise? 1. Key words (page 19 of your revision guide) CLUE! This might be useful!
(Page 21 of your revision guide) Another clue Revise this! (page 19) Revise:-
Key words - page 19
Religious experiences - page 19
The design argument - page 21
The problem of evil - page 23
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