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Lockheed Martin


T anderson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Lockheed Martin

Changing school-wide technology . More hands on work. Created By:
Taylor Anderson
Ja'Kayla Martin
Cory Jones
Leslie Saucedo
Courtney Hogan To Space and Beyond Aerospace The Areospace Corporation has a long history.It plays an important role in the Dragons Return. Aerospace has a reputation on innovations. Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin is an American company. He has a
high technology company that is world wide. His company was created in 1995.
Type:Business Finance
How much Lockheed Martin Company makes in a year:2,212,836 dollars a year. Personal Narrative Created By:
Taylor Anderson
Ja'Kayla Martin
Cory Jones
Leslie Saucedo
Courtney Hogan Created by
Leslie Sausedo
Cory Jones
Ja'Kayla Martin
Courtney Hogan
Taylor Anderson The people of aerospace develop innovation soulotions to a coustmers problems. Facts & Information On Employees Lockheed Martin provides a new health plan the LM Health Works Plan.

They have partnered with three industry leaders-athena Health ways and Medico.

1. Athena offers network of health care .
2. Health ways provides wellness and disease managment services.
3. Medico operates prescription drug services . Reed Middle School already have great working and updated computers. HELP Duncanville ISD More projects to work the iPads More field trips More hands on work. Science and engineering/ work shop classses The technology we would like
to have Ipad's (Four for each table) Locked by a key. Glass over the top of the ipads. Easy and no computers needed Also if possible a side printer Her parents let her experience being on a cheerleading team. By: Courtney Hogan Created By:
Taylor Anderson
Courtney Hogan
Cory Jones
Ja'Kayla Martin
Leslie Sausedo
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