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The Great Depresion

No description

Diana Spartan

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of The Great Depresion

John Herbert Dillinger bank robber dies after a shoot out with the FBI
The Great Depression
24.5% of the population United States stayed unemployed

Unemployment In The United States Reaches Highest Level in the winter of 1932 / 1933 with nearly 1 in 3 people unemployed
The US used their American-Made ships to send goods since many Americans were killed taking another nations ship.
The recession hit and caused unemployment to go back to 19%
Rape of Nanking occurred which was an episode of mass murder and rape committed by Japanese troops

-The banks had failed within the country due to the decline of the stock market.
-Millions of Americans became unemployed since the company's didn't make money.
The great depression was the biggest economic decline due to the stock-market crashing.
Since millions of Americans didn't have jobs many of them became homeless.
African-American families were damaged the most.
-their job opportunities were immediately given to white workers.
Many farmers were loosing their farm since they weren't able to pay their monthly payments.
Machine gun is demonstrated by Japaneses scientist.
Roosevelt gave the Quarantine Speech to isolate from the aggressive nations.
President Hoover refused to pay funds to the veterans from World War I
Mexican-Americans were accused of stealing jobs and around 6,000 Mexican-Americans were deported.
Many events happened at this time, For example there was droughts, Dust storms and even Soil erosion.
The Slam Clearance begin in New York and other Major US cities.
New Zealand declared war on Germany and the United States decided to remain neutral but did begin rearming for war , which helped end the great depression.
Nature also caused a drought in Midwest
which caused food to be more expensive
and turned some areas into dust bowls.
Boonie Parker and Clyde Barrow die after a shoot out with the FBI
Firemen , Police and Teachers were being fired
if they were not being paid in 8 months.
The US Social Security Act signed into law
Act of 1935 was a wide-ranging bill covering union organizing, labor-management relations, and legalizing the closed shop requiring union membership as a condition of employment.
In 1935 the federal government spent $9.2 billion with a deficit of 5.5 percent of GDP. In 1936, the presidential election year, the federal government would spend $10.2 billion, 14 percent more, and run a deficit of 6.6 percent of GDP
A house would cost about $6,790.00. The rent cost of a house would be $18.00 per month.
. And it seemed to be working. Within a year unemployment dropped from 22 percent to 14 percent.
By 1939 the great depression the economy grew rapidly and entered the economy recover
GDP :the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year.
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