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Snickers "You're not you when you're hungry"

Showcase- Expose #3

Brittany Depenbrock

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Snickers "You're not you when you're hungry"

YOU'RE NOT YOU WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY The objective of this campaign was to give Snickers a truly global brand idea Their marketing strategy was to deliver a big, broad message that would appeal to both male and female, young and old. Building Brand Awareness Can range from a point where consumers are barely familiar with the brand name to a point at which the brand is the first word that comes to the consumer's mind when the product category is mentioned Simple brand awareness is only a very mild form of control whereas top-of mind awareness can be a distinct advantage First product that comes to mind ... Facial Tissue Ketchup Search Engine Greeting Cards Soup Crackers Package/Delivery Service ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Facial Tissue Greeting Cards Search Engine Soup Package/Delivery Service Crackers Ketchup Maximizing Brand Loyalty Brand
Awareness Brand
Acceptance Brand
Preference Brand
Insistence (Brand Loyalty Continuum) Maximizing Brand Preferences Brand Preferences • Brand Preference: a measure of loyalty that most companies would like their brand to achieve.It is when a consumer prefers a certain brand over all others in its product category. However, if that brand is unavailable, the consumer won’t hesitate to make another brand selection.

• Customers are not inclined or motivated to change brand loyalties in established markets. Brand Awareness & Consumer Preference • Buyer awareness of a brand strongly influences preference for that brand.
• Research now shows that 70% of buyers must be aware of your product before 25% of them will make it their preference.
• Successful companies with high brand awareness reach a point where additional dollars spent on awareness create roughly equivalent returns in terms of preference. As switching costs increase, the awareness level required to build brand preference also increases.
• The brand preference strategy involves incremental innovation to make the brand more attractive or reliable. Brand Loyalty: Preference “Marketing battles take place in the mind of a consumer or prospect. That’s where you win. That’s where you lose.” – Jack Trout (Big Brands, Big Trouble) •Snickers targeted and explored what they called the “male pack.” The brand wanted insight to the guy’s world, but one that would be recognized by everyone. Snickers found that there was a universal need of belonging. •Snickers uses humor in a creative way to have a resonating effect and lasting impression •“Our connection between belonging to the male pack and hunger came through the impact being hungry can have on your ability to actually abide by those typical male behaviors that keep you on the straight and narrow as ‘one of the guys.” •Snickers maximized the brand’s consumer preference by keeping the ads light and humorous. The ads may not make the audience crave nougat, but they build brand loyalty and recognition. •The reason why Snickers has such high brand preference is because the brand chose a simple, yet enduring idea that united everyone across the world.•Today, Snickers Brand is the number-one candy bar in the world, earning $2 billion a year in retail sales. Protecting Brand Insistence Brand Insistence: Consumers take no substitute for the product they desire.
Brand Insistence ranks highest on the Brand Loyalty Continuum, preceded by:
1. Brand Awareness 2. Brand Acceptance 3. Brand Preference Ben Mason Creating and Protecting Brand Insistence Ben Mason Megan Tracy •Focused mostly on the male population
•Qualitative research showed that men seek acceptance amongst their friends and there is a universal code males have to follow to maintain their status
•Through this research, they also realized that the need of belonging was something everyone could relate to, not only males
•The campaign was created focusing on males, but made sure other people could relate to the campaign as well, since males weren’t the only ones who bought Snicker’s. Relationship Marketing Megan Tracy •They decided to use an attitude and caring approach for their “ You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign
•This campaign showed that Snicker’s empathized with people that sometimes you aren’t yourself and that they have just the thing you need to get back to your normal self.
•“When guys get hungry they aren’t themselves, and Snicker’s is the thing that can sort them out.”
•This approach proved to be very successful Brand Associations
-Influence perceptions
-Increase brand awareness
-Increase brand loyalty

Typical Brand Associations
-Geographical regions

-Kellogg’s “Their Great”- Tony the Tiger
-Crest Fights Cavities
-Allstate “You’re in good hands”
-Gatorade “Be like Mike”- Michael Jordan Snickers Approach to Brand Associations
The goal was for the target to perceive Snickers as a candy bar that can fulfill their hunger needs and sort them out.

Brand Associations:
-Phrase "You're Not You When You're Hungry"

Each Celebrity is associated with a different hunger symptom.

Weak: Betty White
Whinny: Roseanne and Richard Lewis
Angry: Joe Pesci
Diva: Liza Minnelli and Aretha Franklin
Wacky: Robin Williams Andrew Krebs Andrew Krebs Positioning Allen Marler What is positioning?

Positioning is an important step in the development of a campaign, it is how we want the consumer to feel about our product or service. There are many ways to position a product, for instance there is competitive positioning, which can be seen in Pepsi ads. Pepsi always positions itself with Coca-Cola, you often see a Coke truck or the Coke delivery guy who secretly loves Pepsi.Coca-Cola on the other hand reigns as number one, so they position themselves as a “cultural symbol”. Allen Marler Snickers is similar to Coke in its dominance of the candy bar market, just look at the first line of the case study for this campaign. “Snickers is the world's biggest chocolate bar, and in many of its markets the most loved.”Snickers chose to position their product “by use or application”, which means they want the consumer to see a Snicker bar as the solution to their hunger problem Jessi Greenberg Creative Approach Niche territory – hunger is the common ground
Used according with Product Positioning to differentiate
Used female celebrities embodying hunger traits in male-focused settings
Good for US and Germany, but not all international targets Jessi Greenberg Jessi Greenberg •Print – depicted people as out of character, distributed to large audience
•Online – brand website gave sneak peaks before TV airing Techniques: •Social Media –
Facebook for video distribution and consumer interaction.
Twitter showed people “off their game” due to hunger
YouTube channel showcased the spots
PR – Pre and Post Super Bowl interactions
and partnered with Six Flags -singapore Brittany Depenbrock Brittany Depenbrock Brittany Depenbrock Crystal Patrick Crystal Patrick Crystal Patrick You're Not You When You're Hungry Brand: Snickers
Client: Mars Ltd Snickers wanted the message targeted to many audiences in different countries Snickers knew they had to promote their brand as the most salient , successful brand in the market Brittany Depenbrock Snickers Brand Awareness Snickers showed the brand attributes as fulfilling, nutritional, and a convenient snack Snickers may have had a distinctly male thread running in its campaign, the reality is that the bars themselves are bought by all. Questions or Comments? Example: Harley-Davidson retains a high level of brand insistence as buyers wait months to purchase their motorcycles, join owners’ clubs, attend rallies, and sport clothes and tattoos of the brand name Protecting Snickers Brand Insistence The Snickers campaign utilizes emotional connection targeted to men who feel their role in a male group is threatened by their hunger, but restored by a filling Snickers bar.
This emotional connection is relatable to many and effective in protecting brand insistence for Snickers. Ben Mason
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