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“Top 10 Dos and Don’ts When Using Social Media.”

Things to be aware of when using Social Media.

Gary Gamertsfelder

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of “Top 10 Dos and Don’ts When Using Social Media.”

Do's Do Nots Don'ts Write what is special, unique,or imressive about you or you're life story.
Why might you be a stronger candidate than others.
Do include a recent photo of yourself.
make sure you smile in your photo.
What is the single compelling reason you can give a person to be interested in you. Top 5 Do's of Online Dating Top 5 Don'ts of Social Media Don't share everything, somethings are not meant for everyone.
Do not give away to much information, this can lead to identity theft.
Do not post inappropriate information on other's profiles (be respectful and know who you are talking to.
Don't overload your followers with ecessive posts, likes, and comments.
Don't make it all about you! Social Media is a way to share, not be selfish! Verify all friends and followers (why have 2,000 friends you don't know?)
Investigate what apps, games and other programs require from your profile.
Promote yourself for who you are and not for who your not.
Be helpful and supportive, others are more likely to interact with you if you show your willingness.
Most of all use a strong password. Top 5 Do's of Social Media Top 5 Do's for Social Photo Sharing Top 5 Don'ts for Online Dating Don't show to much skin in your photo.
Avoid using cliches.
Do not reveal confidential information in your profile.
Don't meet in person until youve actually talked on the phone.
Don't hide your face in photo's behind sunglasses or hats. show the potential match what they are working with. Don't post blurry photos
Don't ask for followers
Don't post 100's a day
Don't post your meals or songs
Don't steal other's photos Top 5 Do Not's of Social Photo Sharing Credit Sources
Less is more
Be Respectful
Take photos
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