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The Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle

alot of information about The Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle

Raphael Tsang

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of The Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle

The Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle ? The Philippine Eagle actually only lives on 4 major island of Philippines eastern Luzon,Samar,Leyte & Mindanao,only 6 pairs were found on Samar,2 on Leyte and a few on eastern Luzon.
It lives on rainforests a
rainforest is a forest that
is a wet & dry place. /
& & The Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle habitat People have been hunting for it ever since
1894 for its product it produces (lower bad
eye sight & cream etc.) Another reason is because of the transport making pollution (some).The Philippine Eagle's habitat is
destroyed by timber companies & farmers put poison such as pesticides in the plants.Scientists estimated that there are under 200 Philippine eagle left in the wild. Habitat CAUSE OF ENDANGERMENT CHARACTERISTICS .It has many feathers.
.It has a very big beak. HUMANS AFFECTING IT'S HABITAT /
We are affecting it's habitat
by the Timber companies
going araond the world
cutting down trees for
paper & logs(logging) also deforestationning. lets help instead of destroy Lets talk about how can humans
help....& also how can YOU
on your own help.On your own
you can help by writing some
letters to the goverment to stop
the Timber companies or not use
products produced by it,and of
course same as woking together
or maybe if we'er working
together suport a charity of it in
Animals Asia. DID YOU KNOW?
The Philippine Eagle is the Biggest eagle on earth! did you know ?
a philippine eagle
weighs about 9
pounds only... but
1m(3feet) tall? DIET The Philippine Eagle
eats quite alot of
things,it eats monkeys,
snakes,horn bills,wild
cats,dogs,pigs,young goats
& flying lemurs. APPERANCE Black,Brown,White feathers,
Blackish Grey beaks, Yellow
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