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geneross castillo

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of EDUCATION

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
* the act or process of teaching
or of being taught
*knowledge, skill and development
gained from study or training
*the study of the methods and
problems of teaching
In sociology
Education is defined as the consciously controlled process
whereby changes in behavior are produced in the person and through the person within
the group
basic purpose
is to
transmit knowledge
Definitions of EDUCATION

latin word means "to lead forth" or
"to direct" behavior towards
a desired goal
ultimate goal of education
is the
effective participation

of the individual in the total
process of
social interaction
in terms of
social, economic,
health or any
desirable human value.
1. to transmit the cultural heritage
2. to help the individual select social roles and to train him for the role he
has chosen

The word
" has been derived
from the greek word "Skhole"
that means leisure.
It was before in the ancient
Greece to utilize leisure time
in a systematic way.

-to teach the 4 R's of learning
-provide opportunity for children to become rational human beings(Jacques Bargun)
-to help students develop their intellect
intellectual purposes
Political purposes
- to help people learn how to govern themselves wisely and justly (Thomas Jefferson)

Economic purposes
Social purposes
-to help mold or guide students into what thier society needed and expected of them. (Emile Durkheim)

Technical/Economic functions

-provides training in different vocations
-cultivates the values of dignity work and labor

Human/Social functions
- to provide the environment of quality
Political functions
- creates the first civic society for child
- train the lessons of citizenship to a child
Cultural functions
- conserves the valuable culture, tradition, values of the society and helps in promoting and developing these with the rolling of time.

What is a
role do schools play in society
What are the
purposes of schools?
Merriam Webster's Dictionary
as a Social Institution

Functions of Education
3. to integrate into cultural mainstream the various culture
4. to serve as a source of social and cultural innovation
-to prepare students for an especially active role as citizens who actively work to improve their society
- to help people understand that they have big roles in building progressive economy

-to inculcate to students that individual abilities are related to their expected role in the world of work
-to let student understand that society need people who will take responsibilities in the broader social order.
-to teach children to be productive members of society
Multiple School Functions
-sustain the needs of individual and even society in dealing with the necessities of other institutions
- to teach
students the
lessons of social duty, responsibilities and understanding the feelings of others.
- to develop adjustment capacity of an individual
- spreads the store of culture to the next generation.
-generate ideas on what is included in the culture that individuals need to have to appreciate.
Educational Functions
School in the modern time is treated as the most suitable active and formal agency of education
it draws out the hidden potentialities of the child and develops them in a proper way .
it serves the beneficial purpose of educating the children and getting them ready to be productive adults in today's society.
Manifest Functions of Education
transmission of culture
social control
promoting social and political integration
agent of change
Social institutions such as education in schools have functions that are both manifest and latent.
The manifest functions are the ones that society intends those institutions to have
The latent functions are the ones that are not intended but which come about even so.
Education as a social institution places an important role in a society most especially within an individual.
This institution brings a wider responsibilities in molding, distributing and rearing, people in different aspects of man's living.
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