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Fruitful Mission

No description

Joshua Hammond

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Fruitful Mission

Mission Mobilization Leadership Development Missions Strategic Engagement Missions Education Missionary Process Training the Senders Leadership Development Teams GBBC Classes Leadership
Course Church Planting Rooted in Gospel Transformation The International Training Alliance is a committed group of organizations, partnering together to provide Biblically based, skill focused training aimed at equipping national and expatriate leaders. This training is given around the world by leaders, through the two week Leadership Matters Courses. Using the Leadership Matters Course as a template for refined leadership development will help us not only hone our mission's ability to develop leaders but also to provide those leaders with a growing network of other Christian leaders throughout the world. The Timothy Initiative T4T Training for Trainers Davao International Church? Church Planting Movements Gaining Experience and Success Training Church Planters in the Philippines Standard Contextualized Church Planting Training for other fields Calling On the Field Assessment Mission Team Development Training Interest Support Teams
Continued Training
Encouragement Our Philippines Mission: Work with National leaders to further develop healthy leaders and multiplying church movements that fulfill the Great Commission Three Branches of Fruitful Mission Discipling and training small teams who will travel to the different districts to help the local church with leadership and ministry development as well as provide ministry resources. GBBC Missions History Missiology Biblical Missions Christian Worldview Traveling Team Workshops Serving As Senders Working with students, local churches and denominational leaders to engage in strategy and care of missionaries Prayer
Reentry Training the Denomination and local churches through our Mobilization Teams Facilitating Missions Strategy and prayer challenge among current and future Leaders Mission Teams engaging in short term missions in Mindanao ...Penetrating the nations and cultures of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through multiplying church planting movements. Could this be an international church plant? Seeds Set Training Marks
Gather [9 marks] Curriculum/training Resources
Quietly find three respected denominational leaders who are leading and influencing other leaders
Seek out eight to twelve student leaders of diverse demographics
Joshua, Keith and Filipino Leader (Joyce?)attend Leadership Matters Course
amend Leadership profile
amend LEAD Team training
maintain strategic Leadership network

Seeds Steward Leadership Biblical Accountability Discipleship A Leader's Intimate Walk Mobilization
Team Equipping Students at GBBC to return to their villages and home churches and easily educate and engage in missions workshops Its very important these teams be a strategic mix of established and emerging leaders from differing tribal backgrounds, both student leaders and wider church leaders. As God blesses us with success in training local leaders it is possible that God could expand our mission to include reaching the growing expatriate communities in Davao through evangelism and small groups. Starting small and faithful this could lead to the organic growth of an international church in Davao
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