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Tyler Fox

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Cloning

Cloning Dolly, this is the name of the first cloned
mammel ever cloned. Believe it or not she
is not a human, she is a sheep. Cloning has been knon only in science fiction books. So people were supprised to hear that a mammel of all things has been cloned. Reproductive Cloning, What is it? Reproductive cloning is a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal. Dolly was produced by reproductive cloning technology. This process is called "somatic cell nuclear transfer" or (SCNT). Scientists transfer genetic material from the nucleus of a donor adult, in this case Dollys donor was dead when they made the transfer. You tranfer a cell to an egg then the nucleus, and its genetic material, has been removed. The egg containing the DNA from a donor cell must be treated with chemicals or electric current in order to stimulate cell division. Once the cloned egg reaches a healthy enough stage, it is transferred to the female host where it continues to develop until birth. What is the name of the fist cloned mammel? What is Cloning? Cloning is when you take DNA from a living
or past living organism and create a new being.
Dolly was created by taking the DNA from a past
living sheep. What is DNA? DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid
and looks like the picture below. DNA makes
up the genetics that makes us who we are, what we
look like, and how we react to different events. How do you clone? There are 5 easy steps to clone.
The first step is to isolate the donors
nucleus, then for step 2 you get the
unfertilized eggs from the recipitant.
For step 3 you remove the eggs nucleus,
and insert donor nucleus for step 4. The final
step 5 is you place the fertilized egg in
the womb of the recipitant.
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