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The Columbian Exchange of Chili Peppers

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Paul Branch

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of The Columbian Exchange of Chili Peppers

The Colombian Exchange of Chili Peppers
How the Chili Pepper Moved Around the World
Aztecs and Mayans are first to serve hot chocolate.
Christopher Columbus discovers the first Chili Pepper in the Caribbean.
Changing Societies Because of
the Chili Pepper
Out of the top 5 regions/continents that produce chili peppers, Asia produces the most, majorly because of India's mass production of chili peppers
By Paul Branch and Ben Rote
A technique is invented to measure a pepper's "heat"
3991 BC
The History of the Chili Pepper
By Paul Branch and Ben Rote
The domestication of chili peppers may have started 6000 years ago
Present Day
Hottest pepper in the world is the Pure Capsaicin
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