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Ibo Tribe Music

No description

Tyseus Bailey

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Ibo Tribe Music

where it originated...
Indigenous African musical and dance expressions are maintained by oral tradition.
What type of music...
Nsukka Women Dance Troupe @ Igbo New Yam Festival - YouTube
Ibo Tribe Music
Dances are stylistically distinct from the music and dance of the Arabic cultures of North Africa and the Western settler populations of southern Africa.
African music and dance, therefore, are cultivated largely by societies in sub-Saharan Africa
playing musical instruments
ladies dressing up in colorful clothing
singing and dancing
The Ibo tribe uses a variety of different instrument to create they're unique and beautiful sound.

Shelby Dismukes
Tyseus Bailey
Dance and Music is a very important part of the Ibo culture and tribal life,

Much like how artists in our culture use their profession to voice their opinions.

Music for the Ibo people is mainly folk music that uses string instruments, percussion, and some woodwinds and brass.
Just like how it is in American culture. Dance in the Ibo tribe was used to express a variety of things such as war, rites of passage, and even social and political views.

The Ibo use musical instruments to accompany dances, rituals, and spiritual and cultural events including births and funerals. Recently, it has been introduced to church choirs.
Some instruments in the Ibo Tribe are:
Ekwe (silt-drum) - used in coronations, announcements, summoning of citizens, and warning of emergencies.
Ogene (gong) - used in songs to transmit messages through lyric prose
Igba (cylinder-drum) - sends signals for
good or bad news
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