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Jessi Wilson

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Trangenesis:

Should it continue?

By Jessi Wilson
My Claim
I think that transgenesis should not be eliminated altogether, but scientists and others who are using it should have rules to guide how it should be used.

It Helps Cure Disease
Diabetes is caused by the patient not having enough insulin. If a gene was transfered into them that provided them with the insulin that they needed, no one would get sick with diabetes anymore.
Transgenesis Provides Organs for Sick People
If a person was in a serious accident, or was sick and needed a organ, they wouldn't be delayed on a long waiting list for it. Scientists could, through trans genesis, give animal organs the characteristics that humans have. Then they could give that organ to the person in need.
Animals Can be Modified to Adjust to their Environment
Poor countries that are really hot cannot support animals that give off food, like chickens. transgenesis makes it so chickens don’t have feathers, so they aren’t so hot. Then they are able to survive, and the needy people there get the food they need. They can also be changed to need less food or care, therefore making it cheaper for poor people to afford them.

Transgenesis can Prevent Diseases Before They Happen
Animals, like mosquitoes, are being genetically modified to stop carrying diseases, like malaria. This helps many people, as about one person dies per minute from malaria.

Animal Cruelty
Some animals are injected with life-threatening diseases so that scientists can study them and the effects of transgenesis. They should change this rule, so that you can only do studies like this if the animal is already dying naturally.
Foods can be treated to grow better or have les weeds, but when people eat them, they can make them sick. Scientists should only sell transgenic food if they have tested for all possible reactions from all different types of people.
Untested Reactions

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The End
What is Transgenesis?
Transgenesis is when you take DNA from one cell, say that of a spider, and transfer it to another cell in another animal's body, say a goat. The goat is then able to create a milky sort of web because the spider's DNA in it is telling it how to.
Transgenesis is a very helpful tool that we can use to end sicknesses, hunger and help people who need organs or other medicine. It should have rules that limit use on using animals to study sicknesses, and shouldn't sell food that could possibly make someone sick, though. Transgenesis is a wonderful process that could increase animal and human strength and senses if used properly. Superhuman abilities might not be a fairytale anymore!
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