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Ancient Greece Webquest

No description

aryn stretch

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Greece Webquest

Ancient Greece Webquest
spartan historian

Welcome to the museum of natural history!I am the Spartan Historian. I will be your tour guide to Sparta
What characteristics did all Spartans want to attain
3.Bravery in war (and all the time)
Spartan Roles
Boys left home at age seven for military training.Men lived at military camps even if they were married until age 30,they did athletic contests.Women participated in athletic contests but did not get military training.
Daily life in ancient Greece.
Boys were treated harshly so they would become tough and strong,taught to fight,read and write but they did not get a lot of food.
All women in Sparta were trained in athletic contests so they could have strong healthy babies.
Spartans were?

not very loyal to their polis
completely loyal to their polis
did not care about their polis
What is a polis?
A polis is a ancient greek city state
Why is Sparta considered a closed polis?
Because they wanted no visitors from other city states or places around the globe.They also did not want to change.
What was their problem with slaves

They developed their disciplined society because they were out numbered by slaves and they always were scared of a slave revolt.
Europe,Greece and Philosophy
All Spartans would not allow themselves to have pleasures of life such as comforts or luxuries.Spartans were not allowed to travel or to trade with outsiders.

Spartans enjoyed
fancy parties
athletic training

Ancient Civilizations
Sparta is located on the southern peninsula called the Peloponnesus.
The life of all Spartans included athletic activities.

Spartan military training for the males included obedience without arguing.
In Sparta,Spartan women had more right than other women in Greek City States.
The responsibilities of Spartan women were housework,making strong babies and marry wealthy men.
Spartan lifestyle stayed the same for so long because Spartan lifestyle was based around discipline, simplicity and loyalty to the state.This was of life was passed on.
Sparta had 2 kings
28 members of senate
members of senate had to be older than 30
Senate members were elected by the people
Ephors handled the daily governing
The two most powerful groups were Ephors and Senate

Sparta believed they needed a strong army because they didn't have a very big city state so people could overthrow it easily

1.they were at war a lot.
2.they need a strong army to concure other places
3.having a strong army was their beliefs
4.the city states were always fighting.
By aryn
By aryn
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