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Consonant Sounds

No description

Matthew Bohack

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Consonant Sounds

Consonant Sounds b c d f g rubber bed Exceptions raspberry cupboard c has no sound of its own!
Followed by a, o, or u it has
the sound of a k. Followed
by e, i, or y is has the s sound.
The blends cl, cr, and ct have
the k sound. Ch makes a new
sound duck ladder Exceptions could
should fish buffalo Exceptions calf laugh phone game wagon gum Exceptions gem gin ghost h j k l m n p q r s t v w x y z house Exceptions who Chanukah jeep Exceptions gem soldier judge key Exceptions stomach liquor lemon pedal (ped'l) money dummy Exceptions comb column nest banner Exceptions knee sign pig grape Exceptions shepherd hiccough
(gh makes p sound) q really has no sound of its own!
It is always paired with 'u' (qu) and
usually makes the sound of 'kw'. rug rope Exceptions wrist rhinoceros sun kiss Exceptions cent scissors telephone button Exceptions receipt yacht pizza vest leaves wolves Exceptions of (uh-v) web tower Exceptions one 1 whale iguana x has no sound of its own
Look under consonant blends for ks and kz yarn crayon Exceptions university Europe beauty zipper puzzle Exceptions scissors clothes
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