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X32 Version 2 Firmware Webinar

Our Product Specialists go over the new features included in the X32's Version 2 Firmware.

Darwin Filipinia

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of X32 Version 2 Firmware Webinar

X32 Version 2.0 Firmware
Presented by:
Manager, Channel Marketing
Prosumer Division
Specialist, Channel Marketing
Prosumer Division
100-Band RTA
New Scene Management
Gain Split and New Routing
"Acoustic Integration" with TURBOSOUND iQ Speakers
New "Physically Modeled" Effects
Artist Preset Collection
Overview of Additional Features
Question / Answer Session
100-Band RTA and
EQ Functions

Additionally, the RTA can be displayed on top of the 31-band graphic EQs in the
FX rack
100-Band RTA and
EQ Functions

Spectrograph View
New Scene

New Scene

Cue List with 500 Cue entries and additional editing operations
Every Cue can load any one of the
100 internal Scenes and/or one of the
100 Snippets concurrently or separately
By separating Cues from the
actual scene and snippet memory,
X32 Version 2.0 provides a new level of agility in automation
New Scene

100 Scenes remain to be covering a complete snapshot of the console parameter status, but the same scene
can now be re-used in several cues
New Scene "0" ignores any safe flags and thus offers a new way of establishing a customizable initialization of the console
New Scene

Choose parameter and channel filters for storage
Recalling a snippet will exclusively affect the stored bits of information, leaving the remaining console status untouched.
This allows you to surgically introduce specific bits of automation into the current mix status

100 “Snippets” can be stored internally, or can be exported/imported to/from USB drives
New Scene

100 “Snippets” can be stored internally, or can be exported imported to/from USB drives
Every one of the Snippets can be loaded separately from scenes or together with a scene recall
100 Scenes remain to be covering a complete snapshot of the console parameter status, but the same scene can now be re-used in several cues
Gain Splitting and
Remote Preamp

New Gain Split mode separates the channel gain (Trim) from the head amp gain
When active, the head amp gains can only be adjusted on the Setup/Preamps page
When engaged, both FOH and Monitoring consoles will operate their local gain Trims independently
The new HA Gain Remote option allows console gains to be remote controlled by another console
New Routing & Patching Flexibility
Output routing matrix now treats output signals and XLR Output connectors separately, allowing to send signals directly from AES50 or expansion cards to the XLR Outputs
Output patching now with optional pre/post muting taps
Additional Pre Gate tap for Bus Sends
Acoustic Integration
Integration with new TURBOSOUND
iQ Speakers via ULTRANET
iQ Speakers can be controlled from dedicated screen, for calling up sound modeling or custom presets
iQ Presets are integrated in the X32 scene automation
New FX Units and

EQ on FX Return Channels
Jump to page user function optionally includes FX layer
New Physically Modeled FX Processors
New FX Units and Features
Combinator Multiband Compressor
New Physically Modeled FX Processors
Pultec MEQ5
New FX Units and Features
Urei 1176
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Lexicon 480L based Rich Plate
New FX Units and Features
Lexicon 480L based Room
Modulation Delay
Teletronic LA-2A
Fairchild 670
New FX Units and Features
Lexicon 480L Based Rich Chamber
4-Tap Rhythm Delay
BEHRINGER Edison Stereo Processor
Dimensional Chorus
Artist Preset Collection
Channel Strip and Effects Presets from Professional Engineers, created on X32

MIDI Control
MIDI control of channel level,
mute, and pan
Support for X-DANTE, X-MADI and
X-ADAT cards
X32 Now Supports External Clock
More LCD Color

Each color can be now be inverted
Console Lock
Console unlock can be any combination of buttons
Console lock on HOME button (2.5s), doubles as safe shutdown
Library Functions
The internal preset library for Channels,
FX and Routing can now be exported and imported to/from USB media as a whole or in parts
Thank You!
All trademarks, including but not limited to Cirrus Logic, ADAT, Aphex, Aural Exciter, SPL, Vitalizer, Transient Designer, Quantec, Lexicon, EMT, Sony, Mackie, HUI and Urei are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Their use neither constitutes a claim of the trademark by MUSIC Group nor affiliation of the trademark owners with MUSIC Group. Their names are mentioned solely as a reference for X32 and its sound effects or control surface, as the case may be. MUSIC Group accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies either wholly or in part upon any description, photograph, or statement contained herein. Technical specifications, appearances and other information are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK, TURBOSOUND, BEHRINGER and BUGERA are trademarks or registered trademarks of MUSIC Group IP Ltd. © MUSIC Group IP Ltd. 2014 All rights reserved. MUSIC Group IP Ltd. Trident Chambers, Wickhams Cay, P.O. Box 146, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

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