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Save the tigers!

Endangered Animals

Clement Arvin

on 20 June 2012

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Transcript of Save the tigers!

2 million years THE TIGER IS THE BIGGEST WILD CAT IN THE WORLD, weighing up to 327 kilograms MOST TIGERS HAVE ABOUT 100 STRIPES which are unique just like people's fingerprint TIGERS ARE TOP PREDATORS
with no natural predator
except for
illegal hunters Tigers are killed for their body parts whiskers claws eyeballs teeth brain nose skin
bones Tiger parts are used in traditional Asian medicine Some parts are used for good luck charms Teeth
Claws Some are used in status symbols Skin
Wine 8pmnews.com flickr.com http://animals.nationalgeographic.com myspace.com http://animals.nationalgeographic.com ens-newswire.com flickriver.com visibleearth.nasa.gov http://animals.nationalgeographic.com ens-newswire.com flickr.com In 1900 there were 100,000 wild tigers spanning 25 countries,
In 2011 their number reduced to 3,200 wild tigers spanning 13 countries. Approximately poachers killed 150 wild tigers every month
thats 5% of the world population The impact of killing one tiger goes beyond the loss of one life.
Cubs die without their mothers.Breeding prospect are lost.
Social dynamics are affected by male deaths.Disrupting breeding At this rate there will be no more wild tigers
in a few decades Tigers are at the top of the food chain so if the tigers go extinct the animals at the bottom of the food chain will overpopulate. So please do not buy any tiger products Please save me! I hate poachers! http://animals.nationalgeographic.com and many more Thanks and the extinction of tigers will also wreck the ecosystem catsandrabbitsandmore.com delhigreens.com
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