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Kristin Lukow Music Class

Kristin Lukow

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven
Born in Bonn, Germany
Baptized on Dec. 17, 1770
There is no record of his birth date.
Died in Vienna, Austria
March 26, 1827
25,000+ came to his funeral!
Disability = Deafness
Early 20s?
9 Symphonies
Beethoven's Symphony #5
1st Movement
Having a little fun.
Für Elise
Beethoven never married.
His father was his first teacher.
He was not a kind man.
Ode to Joy
From Symphony #9
The 4th and final movement.
Classical - Romantic
1750 - 1825 ------->1825 - 1900
1770- - - - - - - - - - -1827
A symphony is an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements.
It's kind of a big deal!

Mozart wrote over 40!
Joseph Haydn, one of Beethoven's teachers, wrote over 100!
He was known as the "Father of the symphony!"
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