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Copy of Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

A timeline of all the major events in the novel Fahrenheit 451.

Robert Romero

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

Fahrenheit 451 Timeline
Event #1
Guy Montag meets Clarisse McClellan as he walks home
after he completes a job as a fireman.
Pgs. 5-6
Event #2
After reaching his house, Montag finds Mildred,
his wife, near dead after overdosing on her pill medication.
Pgs. 12-14
Event #3
Pgs. 28-31
Clarisse talks to Montag again and tells him about her school,
and how the people there don't like her because she's
"anti-social" and different.
Event #4
Captain Beatty shows Montag the "Firemen of America," a
brief history of the firemen, supposedly beginning with Benjamin Franklin.
Pgs. 34-35
Event #5
The alarm in firehouse sounds, sending the firemen to an old
woman's house in the non-fireproof part of the city. They
find books, but the woman refuses to part with them,
eventually going up in flames with all of them. Montag steals
a book during the raid and hides it.
Pgs. 37-39
Event #6
Mildred tells Montag that Clarisse has been killed, run
over by a car. Montag realizes that Mildred cannot
remember anything about them, not even where they met.
Pgs. 43, 47
Event #7
Montag pretends to be sick so that he does not have to
face the firemen. Captain Beatty comes to Montag's house
and tells him about their history, the history that lead to
book-burning and banned reading. Mildred discovers that Montag
is hiding the book under his pillow.
Pgs. 53-63
Event #8
Mildred learns that Montag has been hiding books in their house,
and Montag wants to read them. Beatty comes by their front
door, but does not bother them. The two begin to read together,
but without ever doing anything like it before, they are helpless.
Pgs. 65-68
Event #9
Montag goes to Faber with the Bible in hopes that Faber
will help him learn to read. When he arrives, Faber reluctantly reads
the Book of Job to him and the two devise a plan to tear the
system apart by placing books in the houses of all the firemen.
Faber gives Montag an earpiece that Faber can talk to
him and read to him through.
Pgs. 80-91
Mildred has her two friends, Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps, over
to watch White Clowns, a violent TV show. They are as
disconnected as Mildred. Montag finally loses his temper and
forces them to listen to him read Dover Beach, a poem. Mrs.
Phelps begins to cry while he reads, due to her lack of
exposure to anything like this in her life.
Event #10
Pgs. 93-101
Event #11
When Montag returns to work, Captain Beatty tries to
convince him books are worthless one last time, but Faber
helps him remain firm. An alarm comes in, so the firemen
respond quickly, ending up in front of Montag's house. Montag
learns that Mildred called in the alarm to get rid of the books.
Pgs. 109-114
Event #12
Captain Beatty forces Montag to burn down his house and his books.
Afterward, Montag holds the flamethrower to him and Beatty makes
Montag furious enough to burn him to the ground. Beatty dies, the
firemen die, and the Mechanical Hound is burned to a crisp, but not
before injecting Montag with some of its paralyzer in the leg. Despite
this, Montag continues to make an escape to Faber's house.
Pgs. 119-124
Event #13
Montag is nearly run over by a car full of teenagers, and realizes
that children have become so desensitized to violence that they
don't care that they might've just killed someone. He wonders
angrily if those teenagers were the ones who killed Clarisse.
As he continues on his way to Faber's house, he plants a book
in the house of a fireman named Mr. Black.
Pgs. 127-130
Event #14
Montag reaches Faber's house and tells Faber to get out of the city.
Faber agrees and gives Montag a suitcase full of clothes that smell
like him to throw off the new mechanical hound, which they have just
brought into the city to catch Montag. The two learn that the hound's
attempts to catch Montag will be televised for the whole city to see. In
the end, Montag leaves Faber's house in order to protect him.
Pgs. 130-136
Event #15
Montag finally escapes the city by jumping into the river and
allowing himself to float away. He finally makes himself get out
and follows the railroad tracks until he meets a group of men
sitting around a fire.
Pgs. 139-140, 145-146
Event #17
Montag learns that an unknown stranger has taken his place as the hound's
prey, since he evaded the firemen at the river. The men around him are
all books, having memorized the words and become the books themselves.
Pgs. 147-152
Event #18
Bombs are dropped on the city, turning it to ashes. Montag
remembers that he knows part of Ecclesiastes and Revelation.
He also remembers that he and Mildred met in Chicago, a long time
ago. In the end, he leaves with the other books and follows them
down the railroad track, away from the heap of ruin that had
been his home.
Pgs. 158-165
By: Jillian Carafa
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