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The Battle of Fredricksburg

No description

Kate McLaughlin

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The Battle of Fredricksburg


When: December 11-15, 1862

Total soldiers: 172,504

Total estimated casualties: 17,992


Battle Overview
Effect on the town
Everyone left once there were signs of a battle

Townspeople had to leave everything behind

Union set fire to the town
Lee's account of the battle
Conclusions from this text
What Happened?
Union planned to cross the Rappahannock

Once they crossed the river the Confederacy had positioned themselves high in the mountains

Confederacy eventually overpowered the Union
By: Helen and Kate
The Battle of Fredericksburg
Ambrose E. Burnside
Robert E. Lee
“The city authorities were informed that while our forces would not use the place for military purposes, its occupation by the enemy would be resisted, and directions were given for the removal of the women and children as rapidly as possible. The threatened bombardment did not take place, but ill view of the imminence of a collision between the
two armies, the inhabitants were advised to leave the city, and almost the entire population, without a murmur, abandoned their homes.
History presents no instance of a people exhibiting a purer and more unselfish patriotism or a higher spirit of fortitude and courage than was evinced by the citizens of Fredericksburg. They cheerfully incurred great hardships and privations, and surrendered their homes and property to destruction rather than yield them into the hands of the enemies of their country.”

Shows Lee's view of the citizens
Patriotism vs. common sense
Makes their army seem stronger
Modern War
Confederate Army
Positioned themselves in a concave shape, so that the center bowed away from the from the river and the union army
this way once the union entered the half circle, they would be trapped and easier to kill.

Union Army
Burnside decided the only way to attack was to attack one of the ends of the U shaped form the confederate army had created.
He decided to attack both ends instead of just one.

Modern War
Both sides were armed with percussion-cap rifle-muskets, and fired Minié balls which was a lead bullet designed to continue through flesh or bone in a straight path unlike the older rounded bullets.
"American Civil War: Battle of Fredericksburg." British Battles. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Apr. 2015.
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