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5 Ways to Troll

A speling project

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of 5 Ways to Troll

Thanks for Watching! Made by Stephen Leppik 5 Ways to Troll A Speling Project Trolling
people Step 1: Start a jewelery store. How to Troll a Bunch of Jewel-Crazy people Step 2: Advertise a great offer for quintessential diamonds. Step 3: Tell the first person to show up you're sold out. Same with everyone else. How to Troll an Audiophile Step 1: Buy a pair of inaudibility headphones. Step 2: Write "HI-FI" on sides HI-FI Step 3: Sell to some random person for $500 Step 4: Fly to Madagascar. Trolling Corporations How to Troll the Weight Watchers Step 1: Create device that destroys fatty acids Step 2: Give to Weight Watchers Fatty acid is vital to life of all cells. Step 3: Customers turn into giant blobs of mineral water. WOAH! IT'S LIKE A KALEIDOSCOPE! How to Troll the Hospital Business Step 1: Buy horoscope company. INSERT DRAMATIC MUSIC HERE!!! Step 2: On your birthday, put "You will get 100 trillion dollars today." under "if your birthday is today" and "You will be partially devoured by a voracious omnivore today at exactly 6:30 P.M." under everything else. (Do this even if the others in the company dissent with you.) How to Troll the Metal Department Step 1: give metal supplier 1c worth of copper. Step 2: Melt penny down in furnace. Step 3: Give metal supplier metal from penny. Metals in one penny = 2c Step 4: Repeat for infinite moneyz! No prospecting needed! Step 3: get together with all the peeps with your birthday and start a hospital. I have no idea who caused this! Step 4: Everyone else in the world will want to come to your hospital, so you will need to expand. But (troll face) you have hundreds of trillions of dollars so you can expand all you want. CREDITS BY
Stephen Leppik
Katelyn Hermanson
Recommending for me to try Prezi
Sandra Katkov
Giving me the speling list
Google Images
All these great pictures
Audiophile = Someone who likes hi-fi sound
Auditory = of or related to hearing
Devour = synonym of eat
Dissent = disagreement
Horoscope = an astrological forecast
Inaudible = unhearable
Kaleidoscope = a diverse collection
Omnivorous = eats both plants and animals
Prospect = to explore especially for mineral deposits
Quintessential = pure
Retrospect = a looking back on or a thinking about past events
Sentiment = opinion
Voracious = a large appetite THE SENTIMENTS WERE SO HIGH IN FAVOR OF ME GETTING IT!!!!! These are auditory all right.
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