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LR Training (Feb.-Apr. 2013)

No description


on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of LR Training (Feb.-Apr. 2013)

in Feb.-Apr. 2013 KEI HINO / MOL Training in Lloyd's Register Training
Completion! the role of "Classification Society"
International rule development process
various LR consulting services Plan appraisal
Class Survey
Issue certificate Classification Rule Development Software Development MPD & LDSO Final Review in 25th Apr. IMO FSI-21 Sub-committee Overview of Lloyd's Register How to make use of the experience
after back to Japan ? Introduce the acquired knowledge to colleagues

Introduce the LR consulting service and useful information

Improve my business intelligence

Try to use LR software (RulesCalc)

Use English positively, and keep study English. Thank you Lloyd's Register. <London Business>
Mr. Dominic Miller
Mr. Nigel Worsley
Mr. Chong Hyo Lee
Ms. Sarah Bristow
<Business Development>
Mr. David Tozer
Ms. Latifat Ajala
Mr. Timothy Wilson
Mr. Danny Shorten
Mr. Julian Burr
<Business Assurance>
Mr. Richard Neasham
Mr. Mark Bracey
Mr. Mark Davy
Mr. Gary Lansdale
Mr. Paul Cook
Ms. Cathy Booth
Mr. Sam Cleave
<Fleet Service>
Mr. David Brown
Ms. Joanna Townsend
Mr. Brian Purtle
Mr. Simon Ogley
Mr. Arun K. Jha
Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta
Mr.Ganapath Raji
Mr. Sam James <Fleet Service>
Mr. Jim Barclay
Ms. Henriette Weijs
Mr. John Niven
Mr. James Henton
Mr. Jim Heath
<External Affairs>
Mr. Andrew Sillitoe
Mr. Kosta Petrov
Mr. Moto Tsuchiya
Mr. John Taverner
Mr. Michel Molloy
Ms. Rohda Wilson
Ms. Zoe Wright
Mr. Saji Abraham
Ms. Rachel Woodward
<MPD Environment>
Mr. Peter Catchpole
Ms. Katharine Palmer
Mr. Paul McStay
Mr. Dimitris Argyros
Mr. Jose Gonzalez
Mr. Tony Brandon
Ms. Jacky Johnson
Mr. Tony Morrison
Mr. Raji Kalkar
Mr. Richard Bridgeman
Mr. Graham Wilkes <LDSO>
Ms. Natali Doulgeraki
Mr. Peter Moesey
Mr. Ubong Okon
Mr. Jonathan Morley
Mr. Jim MacDonald
Mr. Enrong Chang
Mr. Stavros Niotis
Mr. Andrew MacDonald
Mr. William Fullman
Ms. Gillian Stoneman
Mr. John Parker
<Material laboratory>
Mr. Colin Waylen
Mr. William Wistance
Mr. Simon Mathieson
Mr. Duncan Duffy
Mr. Robert Smart
Dr. Sai Wong
Mr. Nigel White
Mr. Jimmy Tong
Ms. Ming
Dr. Shengming Zhang
Mr. Paul Roberts
Mr. Lie Zhang
Mr. Jonathan Earthy
Ms. Olivia Walker <LR SCANDPOWER>
Mr. Harry Blanchard
Mr. Dan Lock
Mr. Derek Dumolo
Ms. Anna Scott
Ms. Fay Djemil
Ms. Rachel Bend
<LR Yokohama>
Mr. M. Kurihara
Mr. K. Imazawa
<Special Thanks>
Mr. Ramsey Eliot London Southampton Start from a coffee shop
by Edward Lloyd in 1760 ENERGY Headquarter: London, UK
7,885 employee, 893 M£ sales
( 2011/12) MARINE 43% Transportation 5% 32% LRQA 20% Class rule & Statutory regulation Consulting / Customer Service Rule Development Type Approval Plan Appraisal for ship design for product Drawing check against Class rule & IMO regulation Drawing
Specification Test Result
factory Audit LR Class Rule + ShipRight Procedure IMO requirement Environmental Issues IACS unified requirement New Technology TID & Material Labo. Marine Industry Analyst Human Element (Feedback) Consulting (SCANDPOWER) 80% of troubles are
caused by human error System Operation Design Address by human
element approach Ergonomics (Human engineering)
Anthropometrics (Human size DB) million G/T Risk assessment
Task analysis Safety culture
Competency management
Presentation LR Southampton office (Mountbatten) To acquire
business knowledge To understand
european culture
and improve
English language skill Good Relationships
between LR & MOL Purpose of LR Training ? ? ? ( Classification, Rule itself, rule making process ) ( TID, Human element, and various information sources ) ( Trouble feedback scheme, MIP, .. ) Working style in Lloyd's Register LR London office (Fenchurch St.) LR Southampton office (Mountbatten) Working hour: 09:00 - 17:00 (??)
Lunch: International canteen
Go to Pub: every 1-2 weeks (Friday) Excellent Internal website (LR HUB) Rule Finder
People Finder, Job role
Electric drawing
Database to record correspondence
Feedback system ** depending on the situation Lifestyle in London BRITISH FOOD ACCOMMODATION LONDON WEATHER STUDY ENGLISH Ship Owner "Give Confidence" Insurance (ship & cargo)
Enter port / Chartering
Safety & Environment Class Rule IMO Rule National Government PSC FLAG Delegation Inspection Tokyo MOU 2011 annual report LR London Canteen OMEGA 3 BOOSTER Full English Breakfast Kidney Pie Haggis 2013/3/22 2012/3/22 RONAN ARDIEL
Full transcript