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My constellation project

Sarah Anas

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Pheonix

Phoenix The Firebird Phoenixes are scarlet birds that are said to sing beautifully. They are even said to live over 500 years, and when they die, they build a nest and catch fire. A new phoenix is then born from the ashes. This constellation was discovered by a man named Johann Bayer. Phoenix is one of the southern hemisphere constellations. The Arabs used to call this constellation the boat. The constellation then became a big flying bird, so Bayer did use history to name this constellation. This constellation is best seen
in November at 9:OO PM. Star Apparent Magnitude Type Distance in Light Years Color Surface Temperature Ankaa 2.39 K Giant 77 Yellow-orange 48OO Kelvin Beta 3.32 Gamma 3.41 Delta 3.88 KO Type 18O Orange Phantom K 234 Orange Giant Phantom K 147 Orange 3,7OO-5,2OO Kelvin 3,7OO-5,2OO Kelvin 3,7OO-5,2OO Kelvin
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