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Author's Organizational Patterns

No description

Tanya Hall

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Author's Organizational Patterns

Author's Organizational Patterns
What is an author's organizational pattern?
An author's
organizational pattern
is just a fancy way of talking about the way an author writes nonfiction text. You know it as cause and effect, compare and contrast, and chronological order, but there are many other patterns that we will soon learn about.
Create your foldable
Notes in your foldable
On the flap of your foldable, you
will write signal words that
indicate that organizational pattern.

On the other side, you will write
the definition (or what is occuring)
with that particular pattern.
Signal Words
1. Place your paper with A.O. Patterns facing up.
2. Fold left side of paper
over until it meets A.O.P.
3. Cut under each word
JUST on the top paper.

What does the word "signal" mean?
Cause and Effect
Definition: Describes how one
or more things cause or are
related to another.
A few more...
Compare and Contrast

Definition: Tells how facts, people, events, and/or concepts are similar and different.
Chronological Order or Sequence
Definition: Tells the sequence in which events occur in time.
first, second, today, not long ago,
finally, meanwhile, now
Definition: A list in NO SPECIFIC ORDER. (grocery list, list of reasons)
first, second, another, several, also
Definition: Tells the procedure or process for how something is done or created.
begins with,
in order to,
first, second,
Definition: Explains the meaning of a word or phrase.
Cause & Effect--An Example
Yesterday, Bob was carelessly jumping up on a windowsill on his back porch. As a result of his carelessness, his arm went through the window and he was cut. Bob had to get about ten stitches.
What was the effect (outcome)?
What was the cause of the effect?
What signal words were used?
The night’s snowstorm had many effects. People were out shoveling snow from their sidewalks. The power lines were draped with ice. Snow plows drove down every street. Children were the happiest of all. The unexpected snow led to school being canceled!

What were the effects (outcomes)?
What caused those outcomes?
Cause & Effect--Another Example
Before I left for the airport for my trip to India, I made sure to check that my passport was in my purse. Then I got in my car and drove to the airport to meet my plane. After I arrived at the airport, I checked my luggage and headed off to wait for boarding. Finally, I was able to board the plane and begin my journey to India.

What words tell you that this passage is organized using the chronological/sequential structure?
Chronological / Sequential Ordering Example
Listing or Enumeration
Good morning! My name is James, and I am running for class president. I believe I should be class president for many reasons. First, I am an honor roll student. Second, I am involved in many extracurricular activities. I also am part of the debate team so I do not mind debating for what students need. Finally, I am willing to put forth many hours of my time to make school a better place for you!
Why is this enumeration and not chronological order?
More on Listing or Enumeration
What's the difference between listing/enumeration and chronological order because I noticed they have similar signal words?

Listing/enumeration does
require any sort of special ordering, while the others do.
Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is easy. First, take out two pieces of bread. Secondly, uncap the jelly jar, and uncap the peanut butter jar. Using a butter knife, dip it into the peanut butter jar, remove it, and spread it on one slice of the bread. Next, dip the knife in the jelly jar, remove it, and spread it on the other piece of bread. Finally, place the two slices of bread together and enjoy!

What words or phrases let the reader know that this passage uses process ordering?
What makes it different from chronological ordering?

Process Ordering Example
Concept / Definition Example
Global warming is a looming threat to the world. Just what is it? Scientists agree that global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation.

What is the concept?
What is the definition of the concept?
How do you know? (Signal?)
A yurt is a circular tent-like home that was often used by the nomadic people of Mongolia. Yurts are easy to take down and put up. In fact, once the yurt is fully collapsed, it only takes one animal to carry it to the next place. This is perfect for people who need to move quickly from one place to the next. Unlike the yurt, an adobe house does not move. It is permanent and is meant to stay in one place. An adobe house is built using bricks and made of clay, water, and straw. A yurt, on the other hand, is built using wooded poles and canvas material. Adobe buildings are perfect for people who live in hot climates. The adobe bricks help the home to stay cool when it is hot. In contrast, a yurt is great for both cold and warm weather.

Compare & Contrast: Yurt Versus Adobe
Compare--how are they alike?
Contrast--how are they different?
Alright, so what's the difference between chronological/ sequential order and process?

Process is sequential order but you are making or creating something.

Chronological order tends to deal with EVENTS.

Signal Words: refers to, means, defined as

Sometimes you will not see WORDS but punctuation...
There seem to be many snollygosters, politicians who say things for their own personal gain, recently.

Writers use this structure when they provide a general statement or idea
that is sometimes supported by one or more examples.
Generalizations may be sterotypes at times.
for example
such as
for instance
to illustrate
in fact
Men's fashion is less popular than women's fashion. For instance, there are no television shows entitled "Say Yes to the Flannel Shirt." Also, shows"America's Next Top Model" always feature female contestants.

What general statement is made?
What is the example / evidence used to support that statement?
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