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Geometry shapes

No description

Clara Cupuro

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Geometry shapes

intersecting lines Clara Cupuro's
project! This is a compass and the North, South,
East, and West line intersect

Intersecting lines are lines that cross
at some point in time.
I took a picture of my belt as you can see.

A line segment is the connection between two
points therefore it must have a stop point and a go point. Sphere I have a picture of the Earth because the earth is a sphere that why you can never fall off of it. Sometime people mistake the Earth for being a circle but the sphere is like a 3d circle. I took a 2d picture of a box of Kleenex in my house
and highlighted the rectangle in it.

A rectangle is a polygon in which all angles are 90 degrees, There are two pairs of parallel sides but yet
all sides are not equal in length. Rectangle Parallel lines I wrote the word parallel lines because the two ll's in parallel are parallel, if you understand. Right Angle I took a picture of my clock when the two hands showed an obtuse angle. Line segment I'm posing as I strike my pose, Just
I'm making an acute angle with my hands
And acute angle is a angle that is smaller
than 90 degrees. Acute Angle obtuse angle 90 I have a picture of a health pyramid because well yeah it's a pyramid. 90 Pyramid Octagon A right angle is a angle that is 90 degrees A sphere is a 3d figure that is round, has no side or vertex, and is even all the way around. I took a picture of my refrigerator a cabinets meeting together and form a right angle An obtuse angle is a angle that is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 Circle I took a picture of a guitar because the sound hole is
a circle Perpendicular lines A circle is 360 or has no sides, angles, and is a closed curve.
If you measure any place from middle out it's always the same. Reflection I took this picture in front of a mirror because a mirror is a reflection that people look at everyday. A reflection is always backward (for example if you write your name and put it in front of a mirror it will be backward) but it's a change you can make just like if you were to rotate but a reflection is a little different So I put one picture of me eating my favorite ice cream in Michigan another picture of a snow cone and a final picture of classic vanilla (sorry I don't like chocolate) A cone has a flat circular top with a pointy bottom Cone Parallel lines are lines that are even with each other and unlike intersecting or perpendicular they never touch and keep an even distance from each they're always in line with each other I have a picture of a T because two lines crash into each other Perpendicular lines are line segments or rays that run into each at some point in time. So, as I was waiting for my 6:00 am bus I took a picture at the stop sign because a stop sign has 8 sides and in octagon there is 8 sides because oct (like in octopus) means 8. Cube Dice are cubes used often. Congruent circles So this is a drafting tool this is used to
make 90 degree angle cuts when you
work with wood. A right triangle is a shape with 3 side,vertex, and angles one of the is always 90 degrees and that is most unique part about the right triangle Cylinder Straight Angle A straight angle is basically a line, ray, or line segment that is 180 always they might look angled here but each tile is
a square. A square is a 2d shape that has 4 90 degree angles, 4 equals side and then of course 4 vertex. Square This is one of those dome thingies that are at some playgrounds and sometimes there are squares and other time triangles Congruent triangles are triangle that are like twins they have the same measurements but congruent shapes can be rotated flipped and ect. Similar Triangles Hexagon Ray Even though it seems like the light stops it really goes on in till it hits something ((earth) aka in case you didn't catch on us). A Ray is a point that continues unlike the line segment doesn't have a stopping point. Geometry is everywhere you look RAY A sunlight ray is all I could think of for ray. A ray is a point and and then has a showing it continues on forever unlike the line it doesn't have another point that it connects with well when you think of hexagon you think of a bee hive and I really didn't feel like inserting a picture of bees with yellow sticky stuff so I thought this picture looked cute and you still get the whole bee hive thing. A hexagon is a figure with 6 side,vertex, and angles. All side are equal and all of it's angles are obtuse. Scale Drawing When my family got an addition on our house the company made blue print of the different floors. An octagon is a figure that that has 8 sides, vertex, and 8 obtuse angles that are equal. Triangle A triangle is a 3 sided figure that includes 3 vertex and angles. There are many different types of triangles. This is a picture of a yield sign
The base is a polygon (a straight-sided shape) The sides are triangles which meet at the top. Sorry for the very random picture Scale drawing
this it self is kind of like a scale model because it's like a mini slide a solid having six plane square faces in which the angle between two adjacent sides is a right angle. A scale drawing is a drawing is a drawing of something that is either too big or small to draw the actual size. You use ratios to make the drawing equal in proportions. This is a hazard button that most cars should have in them. The button has to do with similar triangles because the triangle inside of the larger one have the same measurement just in a smaller way using ratios, it's almost like hitting the shift key and in larger the triangle. Similar triangles have the same shape but not necessarily the same size. Closed solid that has two parallel (usually circular) bases connected by a curved surface. Its 3d shape This is a foam roller that cracks your, back and in my house is used everyday for my mom's work out. Congruent circles are circles that are the same size but can be flipped turned rotated or ect.
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