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Social Media: Find Jobs and Explore Careers

No description

CAS Atlanta

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Social Media: Find Jobs and Explore Careers

Social Media
Find Jobs and Explore Careers

Facts about using Social Media
in Your Job Search
This Workshop Will Focus on ...
How to Successfully Use
BEE Warned
Can be used for researching the company and/or the interviewer, identifying trends in the industry, and a job search engine

You should diversify your social network - this increases who you know

Know that employers ARE using social media to find new hires

Know that employers are using keyword searching when looking for potential hires, so having a professional footprint is important
BEE Careful
Social Media should be a compliment to your traditional job search and career exploration!
social network
developed specifically
for business
, to separate your professional life from your private life.
Promote a professional image
2. Keep in contact with past & present coworkers
Instant electronic résumé

4. Direct link access to website or blog
Easy access to new job opportunities
6. Instant credibility by industry recruiters
Network with industry professionals
8. “Groups” & “Interests” allow connectedness with like minded professionals
Be in the know about companies of interest

Create company wish lists – targets
Build a Professional Profile that is
Be detailed about your education, internships, professional experience volunteering, study abroad
Post a professional photo of yourself
Be authentic and include a strengths category
Include key words in your profile related to your industry
Use MS Word when creating your content for LN first so you are able to check for spelling and grammar
word to the wise
will tell you how complete (or not) your profile is, so it's simple, just follow their directions.
Don't Underestimate the Importance of the Summary Section
You have
2000 characters
to tell people who you are, how to contact you, and why they should hire you. Use this white space wisely by being
thorough and using key words
"I love helping non-profit organizations build partnerships and obtain funding so that they can carry out their mission and make a difference.

I understand the reality of working with nonprofits and the financial challenges that they face. I have insight into Virginia’s fundraising landscape, gained through my work as campaign manager and finance director for local, state and federal campaigns, and at statewide and national non-profits. I also have experience developing and implementing communication strategies for multiple projects with diverse audiences, including donors, members, subscribers, board members and industry stakeholders."
Get Recommended and Recommend Others
Ask past supervisors/ professors to endorse you

Don't ask someone you don't know well to endorse you!
Customize Your Public Profile URL
Go to Settings and click "Edit your public profile".

In the "Your public profile URL" box on the right, click the "Customize your public profile URL" link.

Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.

Click - Set Custom URL
Join Groups
Find and join communities of professionals based on:


Common interests
- Common experience
- Affiliations
- Goals
Groups enable you to:
- Stay in touch with

schools, organizations, and companies
- Network with professionals with similar interests
- Learn and network through discussion forums
Develop an Informative Profile Headline
"SCAD Student Seeking Fashion Design Internship"
"Recent SCAD Graduate Seeking Entry Level Graphic Design Position"
"Atlanta Professional Exploring Options, Making a Career Change"
Now Lets Establish That Network!
The best networks begin with those you know and trust already, then grow based on referrals.
Networking etiquette and adding connections
Rule #1:
Don't ask for a job or be too pushy.

Rule #2:
If you don't feel comfortable connecting with a stranger, you can instead see what groups they are in, join those groups, and then you will be able to send them a direct message without looking creepy. HINT- they won't know if you are a new member to the group. But don't be afraid to connect with people that is what LinkedIn is for!

Rule #3:
Customize every request you send to others. This is just a friendly note reminding them who you are and where you met.

Rule #4:
Help others in your network. This can be through networking, articles you share or advice your post.
The Update Tool
Exploring Career Fields
This can be a good way to get noticed if not abused

Do not update too much (1-2 times per week).

Post only professional comments

Post professional events, industry articles, books you have read etc...
Search alumni groups by major, employer name, and career key words to get an overview of the field.
How to Explore/ Follow Employer Pages and Find Recruiters /Key Contacts
Most companies have

Follow those pages to see company and employee information

Activities such as job postings, new hires, and announcements will appear as an alert on your homepage.
Use LinkedIn When Interviewing
Find interviewer and gain valuable knowledge on that person.

Take notes about that person and find things in common.
Ex: I was doing some research on LinkedIn and saw that you went to SCAD too.
Real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting
At it's core

is small bursts of information called

Each Tweet is no more then 140 characters
as a headline or advertisement for yourself
You can follow the companies and recruiters (use
to find out recruiter names) and contact them directly
A lot of companies have
handles used just for recruiting purposes @GoogleJobs @MacysCareers
Access companies and recruiters directly.
No gate keeper!
Twitter Tips
Twitter Tips Cont..
"Follow" employers you like
Search by employer name or industry using key words
Follow recruiters, respond to tweets about jobs etc...
Remember to use LinkedIn as a resource to find recruiter names
Build a Twitter profile that speaks to the type of career you are pursuing
Use applications (will discuss on next slide) to enhance outcome
Watch what you say!
NEVER say anything negative about a boss, coworker, professor
Don't broadcast anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to know
Twitter Applications
Search engine that searches Twitter for jobs that match key words you enter.

Shows you tweets that are only job-related and links to the job posting
Will send you job recommendations directly to your Twitter account
Lets you distribute your résumé across the social web at the push of a button
Both of these applications are
BEE Discreet
BEE Prepared
Nothing is private. Don't post anything that you would not want an employer to see.
Check your privacy settings. Remember
on the internet is archived therefore is
Check your social media sites often in order to be on-top of what is posted to your site. Google yourself often.

Chrissy, congratulations!

You have one of the
top 5% most viewed
LinkedIn profiles for 2012.

LinkedIn now has 200 million members. Thanks for
playing a unique part in our community!
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