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will smith

black history project

Austin Hunt

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of will smith


By: Austin Hunt WILL SMITHS CHILDHOOD - Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born September 25th 1968 in west Philadelphia -In Wills early teens he was given the nickname Prince shortly after he began rapping
-Will mastered the art of rapping by age 18 Will during the fresh
prince as a 17
year old. WILL SMITH ADULTHOOD - Will Smith stars in many well know movies such as Six Degrees Of Separation, I Robot, I Am Legend, Bad Boys 1and2,Hancock,Independence Day, Men In Black 1,2,and3.With many more (will is respected as one of the best actors in the world!)
- Will Smith started his music career when he met DJ Jazzy Jeff at a party they liked each others music and decided to work together will has many songs such as Fresh Prince,Boom Shake The Room and Wild Wild West ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Will won 6 Blimp awards
-2 MTV movie awards
-3 Block Buster awards
-3 Special awards for best entertainer of the year
-4 Grammys
- 1 Golden Globe
And much more INTERESTING FACTS Will became a millionaire before he turned 20
married twice the successful Marige was to Jada Piket on December 31st 1997
Will is only 45 years old
Will turned down a MIT scholarship to peruse his music career CHARACTER ANALYSIS #1
FUNNY SOME PICTURES OF WILL SMITH THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY BLACK HISTORY MONTH PROJECT ON WILL SMITH I think that Will Smith has a lot of courage because he is not afraid to try new and crazy things when he is acting. Will Smith is also shows lots of acts of courage when acting because he is not afraid to be embarrassed he just goes out and does what he is supposed to do and better without question . Will smith is also not afraid to sing in front of people like in concert he will go out and do what he has to do wether its singing or dancing or acting he just does it he is the most courages person i have ever heard about. Will Smith is one of the funniest actors i have ever watched on t.v he does what he is supposed to do and more to make it seem even more funny. Will Smith is also funny because of the way that he acts when he is supposed to be funny his facial expressions make it all seem better. When he plays in the fresh prince of bel air he is hillarious the way that he says his lines are perfect in the way they are supposed to be in a comedy. PRESENT DAY SOCIETAL INFLUENCES Will Smith has an influence on basically everyone because he contributes
to a lot of charity's all over Los Angles like the Youth Educational Project
and other christian mosque groups and christian schools all over L.A. Will
Smith also has a big influence on kids. He has a big influence on kids because he has donated 1.3 million to a under privileged kids charity.
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