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Ten Things About Me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Ten Things About Me

Ten Things About Me
Things I Dont Like #1
One thing I dont like is snakes. They are nasty the way they slither around.
Things I Dont Like #4
Another thing i dont like is fall time. Because i have to rake tons of leaves.
Things I Dont Like #5
The last thing i hate is probably having to do dishes. Dishes are nasty especially when theres food still on it.
Things I Like #3
Things I Dont Like #2
Another thing I dont like is school. It is boring I would rather not go to school.
Things I dont Like #3
I do not like fish it is disgusting.
Things I Like #1
I really like food. Food is good i love food. If we didnt have food we would die.
Things I Like #2
Another thing i like is watermelon it is really good. I like watermelon because it is my favorite fruit!
I also like watching tv. some shows are fun to watch.
Things I Like #4
Another thing i like is going on trips. Because i like getting out of the house.
Things I Like #5
One more thing i like is Christmas. The only reason i like Christmas is because i get things.
Argument Paragraph
Christmas is the best holiday. Because you get gifts. And i do not know someone who doesnt like Christmas. And i like unwrapping my presents. Some people may argue that Christmas is not the best holiday, but the reason it is is because you get gifts. In conclusion, I love christmas the most of all holidays!
By: Kam Babbitt
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