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Serve Day 6.0 Site Leader Training

No description

Jessica Manno

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Serve Day 6.0 Site Leader Training

Serve Day Site Leader Training
Logistics-Serve Day-April 3oth
Site Leaders pre-meeting
St. John Windish Lutheran Church parking lot
617 E. 4th Street, between Pierce & Buchanan
Volunteers arrive for Send Off
Teams arrive at various service sites
Lunch provided to all Serve Day participants
Return to St. John Windish Lutheran Church parking lot
Concert with Oasis Band
Including reflects on the day by various participants
Clean Up

The many roles of a Site Leader
Help participants get to know each other on way to site
Facilitate introductions with site contact
Lead prayer
Provide and orientation about your site
Ensure all volunteers have work to do
Thank the site contact
Lead reflection & prayer
Offer additional volunteer opportunities
Celebration & Reflection Concert
Once you have reviewed this training module, please email Jess Manno to confirm your participation as a site leader.

Additionally, questions regarding being a site leader can also be directed to Jess.


Prior to Serve Day
Verify site data with contact
work content, number of volunteers, materials needed/provided, participants from site to join us
Determine a need to visit prior to serving
Publicize Serve Day and encourage volunteers
Communicate with your team!

Community voice
Understanding the fundamental need in the community. Inquire with the site contact, look at the organizations website, do your homework to understand what the voices in the community need and respond to that in your action!
Knowing about the agency you are working with is essential. What is their mission, who do they assist, what do they need. Information should be provided to volunteers prior to serving that paints a larger picture of how what they do will fit into the vision.
Meaningful Action
The service being done is necessary and valuable to the community. It makes volunteers feel that their work made a difference in a measurable way and their time was utilized well.
Simply put-process the experience with the group. In can happen a variety of ways and places the singular experience in a broader context to help participants understand what they did, how it helped and what can be done in the future.
Measuring the impact of the experience and the perceived and actual effectiveness of the service. Both participants, agencies and the Serve Day committee will evaluate the experience allowing for program improvements, growth and future changes.
5 Critical Elements of Service
Know God.
Love People.
Serve the world.
Invite your site contacts, and other volunteers
Utilize your lanyard & bible verse for reflection
Identify potential witnesses from your team
"What did serve day mean to you?"
"Where was God present for you?"
1pm Lunch & Concert by Salida 7
2pm Oasis Worship & Reflection Concert
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