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TNC Chevron

No description

Aaron J

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of TNC Chevron

Aaron's TNC So what is Chevron? Chevron is a multinational energy company Chevron is a multinational energy company. So where are Chevron's main headquarters
Did you know that there are offices in over 80 countries including 3 in Australia Here are some Pictures of different Chevron offices It is in San Ramon(California) Nanjing China Nanjing China Europe Houston Texas

What Energy sources does Chevron invest in Chevron invests in many different energy sources including: Natural gas Oil Oil sands Coal Geothermal Solar Chevron brands Chevron runs under 3 main brands Chevron Caltex Texaco Products Lubricants Fuels LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Global Income The full year net Income of 2008 was $23.93 billion (U.S) Global workforce Chevron has a global workforce of: 60,000 employees 4,000 service station employees Changes in products through different countries: The Names of certain products vary depending on what country they are in The companies also vary for instance Texaco is nonexistant in Australia Chevron changes its sulfer content in diesel depending on the emission regulations of the country Goodbye and thanks for listening to my talk This was brought to you by: AARON J PRODUCTIONS
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